Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rum and Coke

by @SophiaFine from

I like rum and coke
black and milds
private conversations
I would rather
talk for hours
on our couch
than tour the world
on some vacation
what do you like?
I don't lead
I don't follow
I am by your side
You should see
the wide open spaces
here in my kingdom
Its not imaginary
though its only
in my mind
I do my dreams
my actions bring them
my ideas are divine
that profit me
with growth
along my path
my quantum mechanics
have 1s and 2s
can you do the math?
If so then
dance with me
to the beat
of Sylvia Plath
or Emerson
to ease your pain
some How To Love
by Lil Wayne
and a moment
that takes your breath
I suck the marrow
out of a moment
then write
the blueprints
of new universes
study subversives
come away with me
to beautiful
let me live
in you
in me
2 are 1