Monday, March 26, 2012


I think shes making plans
with another man
I'm wishing I was him
While all along knowing
that I would be the other
lover or even brother
because of the way
I love her
so Im letting go
watching her discover
whatever it is
that she will find
be it better or worse
freedom a blessing
or a curse
something that she
thought she wanted
until she had it
or if this were 8 mile
she would be rabbit
I'm the dog
that will not chase her
even though
like my heart beat
I can't erase her
No matter how much
more than words
she only believed
her past pains
shes no longer
tangled up in me
my brain is staind
I'm wishing for
the kisses
from the pictures
love like
in the scriptures
there will be no chains
no bars of mine
can't press rewind
her imagination
by design
I know what it is
to suffocate
still she cant
get anything here
except me
if every other man
and the chasing
is better
then let her