Saturday, March 31, 2012


I could never
view U as
less than ME
I could never
put you or
me above we
I AM Centered
and Harmonic
in US
In that love
I rise like
there is helium
in my lungs
lifting me into
a sky full of life
I feel the wind
on my face
I feel the energy
the security
of knowledge
I feel freedom
from time
the accumulations
the erosions
of the third circuit
when I'm with you
we are free
even from our bodies
we are no longer
conscious of ourselves
your wants are my needs
we are a higher power
life flows into us
is tranformed
into intimacy
physical expressions
of spiritual truths
youthful euphoric
igniting the sun
losing our delusions
removing our illusions
sudden clarity
we are back
at one