Saturday, March 31, 2012


I could never
view U as
less than ME
I could never
put you or
me above we
I AM Centered
and Harmonic
in US
In that love
I rise like
there is helium
in my lungs
lifting me into
a sky full of life
I feel the wind
on my face
I feel the energy
the security
of knowledge
I feel freedom
from time
the accumulations
the erosions
of the third circuit
when I'm with you
we are free
even from our bodies
we are no longer
conscious of ourselves
your wants are my needs
we are a higher power
life flows into us
is tranformed
into intimacy
physical expressions
of spiritual truths
youthful euphoric
igniting the sun
losing our delusions
removing our illusions
sudden clarity
we are back
at one

Monday, March 26, 2012


I think shes making plans
with another man
I'm wishing I was him
While all along knowing
that I would be the other
lover or even brother
because of the way
I love her
so Im letting go
watching her discover
whatever it is
that she will find
be it better or worse
freedom a blessing
or a curse
something that she
thought she wanted
until she had it
or if this were 8 mile
she would be rabbit
I'm the dog
that will not chase her
even though
like my heart beat
I can't erase her
No matter how much
more than words
she only believed
her past pains
shes no longer
tangled up in me
my brain is staind
I'm wishing for
the kisses
from the pictures
love like
in the scriptures
there will be no chains
no bars of mine
can't press rewind
her imagination
by design
I know what it is
to suffocate
still she cant
get anything here
except me
if every other man
and the chasing
is better
then let her

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rum and Coke

by @SophiaFine from

I like rum and coke
black and milds
private conversations
I would rather
talk for hours
on our couch
than tour the world
on some vacation
what do you like?
I don't lead
I don't follow
I am by your side
You should see
the wide open spaces
here in my kingdom
Its not imaginary
though its only
in my mind
I do my dreams
my actions bring them
my ideas are divine
that profit me
with growth
along my path
my quantum mechanics
have 1s and 2s
can you do the math?
If so then
dance with me
to the beat
of Sylvia Plath
or Emerson
to ease your pain
some How To Love
by Lil Wayne
and a moment
that takes your breath
I suck the marrow
out of a moment
then write
the blueprints
of new universes
study subversives
come away with me
to beautiful
let me live
in you
in me
2 are 1

Tuesday, March 6, 2012



I don't mind
being your first
the only one
you've known
I understand
you will do
a little damage
as you try
to find your home
I've been
where you are
I was afraid
So even if
I get some scars
on my
reanimated heart
I will
see you through
your way
I will lay
my chest open
show you
which buttons
to press
You can smile
and nod
if I digress
I will recognize
that I've
Take a breath
and press refresh
Quiet again
like an operation
careful there
I might buzz
remove and study
my beating heart
pick the ripe
fruits from
my brain
Except for those
I'm kind of plain
but if you can see
where I went wrong
then maybe your world
will sing along
to every word
of all your dreams
you'll realize all
your plans and schemes
hold in your hands
all you want
against the wind
remain undaunted
Aesthetically imperfect
and a beautiful mess
leading to
your happiness