Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wake up call

I'm in a dark place Maggie
Can you hold my hand
Until I can see the sun

I am what happens
when you hold hands in hell
with someone who quits

Is it ok if I
look into your eyes
to see if there is any
life left in me

Are you a friend
Are you a lover
will you understand me sexually
or advise me like a mother

Will you be my muse my donnoi
Can I be your troubadour
will you help me forget
all other loves and losses
that came before

You came uninvited
Will my affections go unrequited
or will your blue flame be ignited
when you say hello I get excited

Share my blanket
I want to feel the heat
of your body
next to my body

I need some oxytocin
I'm out of balance
I'm a dancer
who stays in motion
I am the drop
I am the ocean

I'm thirsty
for your lips
one hand on your neck
the other on your hip

Be my irony
Be my twist of fate
Be my better woman
for love its never too late.