Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time Travel

I wanted to
reach you
where you are
so I tried
to find you
I asked questions
to get to know
What makes U you

When I asked
how you were
handling your sadness
I didn't intend
to bring those tears

Maybe my question
brought the pain
back to your mind
I only wanted
to help you through
if you needed me to

I thought you
were a soul friend
the kind
that has no end
but now you're gone
and its just me
through my wishes
analyzing the glitches
for me
there is only
right now
right now
you and I
are disconnected
our energy
was oxytocin
it made me younger
renewed my hunger

Now your scent
fades back into
the flower shop
and I'm hoping
spring will come soon
with many flowers
I won't pick them
maybe I will shine
maybe I will rain
maybe I will breathe deeply
before I walk away