Monday, January 16, 2012

King of broken hearts

She wasn't much of a lover
She isn't much of a friend
She would make a really good mother
but mostly to grown men

She makes a lot of promises
most of which she can't keep
she lives in yesterday
constantly cycling through
five stages of grief

She asks for things she can't return
she asks for trust she didn't earn
she gives much less than she requires
if you fall short her love expires

She will draw you out of your safe place
dress you up improve your face
fill you up with love and joy
then crush your heart like its her toy

tell the world the lies she believes
swear by them as she lives and breathes
build a prison of cultural obligations
with one set of rules for you
another for those from her nation

She will hold you one night
spend the next with him
explains that they didn't choose
it just happened what can we do

I loved her with all my heart and soul
She never for a moment trusted me
there is no sun it is so cold
she did not break she busted me