Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God is Loneliness

The Chrononaut by @Diana605 Diana Matisz from LifeThruBlueEyes

I was born
in the year
of the dog
and I have
good diction
and bad addictions
Seems to make me
an unsavory choice
as a lover and partner
They lose their mind
for a minute or a month
sometimes a couple years
but then fears
needs for emotional security
take them from me
and I bury myself
again in my poetry
and I'm a sucker
for a pretty face
that reads me
or seems to
even an appearance
of understanding
and I become a puppy
for their attention
and then there are angels
there is never
any exclusivity with angels
She needed a reason
and I gave her a choice
She would only choose
after she had a reason
Love is the only reason I have
Now that her mind is thoroughly colonized
I realize I have to let go
God is not love he is loneliness
that is why everything was created.