Thursday, January 26, 2012


Love lifts you up
like a bird in flight
and sometimes
becomes a hurricane
in your sleep at night
Sometimes it takes you to Oz
sometimes New Orleans
but it never leaves you
where you started
Joy filled elevations
and grief filled desperations
are never paradoxes
they hold hands
in heaven and hell
leave you with
smiles and scars
and a story to tell

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God is Loneliness

The Chrononaut by @Diana605 Diana Matisz from LifeThruBlueEyes

I was born
in the year
of the dog
and I have
good diction
and bad addictions
Seems to make me
an unsavory choice
as a lover and partner
They lose their mind
for a minute or a month
sometimes a couple years
but then fears
needs for emotional security
take them from me
and I bury myself
again in my poetry
and I'm a sucker
for a pretty face
that reads me
or seems to
even an appearance
of understanding
and I become a puppy
for their attention
and then there are angels
there is never
any exclusivity with angels
She needed a reason
and I gave her a choice
She would only choose
after she had a reason
Love is the only reason I have
Now that her mind is thoroughly colonized
I realize I have to let go
God is not love he is loneliness
that is why everything was created.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Never Say My Name

Don't say my name
Love is my discipline
but passion fans its flame

The beauty
you feel inside
is the thing I treasured most
and I dreamed Id keep

Have you ever
held her hand
smelled her hair
with her body
tight against yours

have your lips
ever tasted hers

if you ever do
remember that I
had been there first

surely as a man
you can understand
this is not a game
you have my love
for the sake of peace
never say my name

Wake up call

I'm in a dark place Maggie
Can you hold my hand
Until I can see the sun

I am what happens
when you hold hands in hell
with someone who quits

Is it ok if I
look into your eyes
to see if there is any
life left in me

Are you a friend
Are you a lover
will you understand me sexually
or advise me like a mother

Will you be my muse my donnoi
Can I be your troubadour
will you help me forget
all other loves and losses
that came before

You came uninvited
Will my affections go unrequited
or will your blue flame be ignited
when you say hello I get excited

Share my blanket
I want to feel the heat
of your body
next to my body

I need some oxytocin
I'm out of balance
I'm a dancer
who stays in motion
I am the drop
I am the ocean

I'm thirsty
for your lips
one hand on your neck
the other on your hip

Be my irony
Be my twist of fate
Be my better woman
for love its never too late.

Monday, January 16, 2012

King of broken hearts

She wasn't much of a lover
She isn't much of a friend
She would make a really good mother
but mostly to grown men

She makes a lot of promises
most of which she can't keep
she lives in yesterday
constantly cycling through
five stages of grief

She asks for things she can't return
she asks for trust she didn't earn
she gives much less than she requires
if you fall short her love expires

She will draw you out of your safe place
dress you up improve your face
fill you up with love and joy
then crush your heart like its her toy

tell the world the lies she believes
swear by them as she lives and breathes
build a prison of cultural obligations
with one set of rules for you
another for those from her nation

She will hold you one night
spend the next with him
explains that they didn't choose
it just happened what can we do

I loved her with all my heart and soul
She never for a moment trusted me
there is no sun it is so cold
she did not break she busted me

Thursday, January 12, 2012


We all
see through
each other
but only
some of us
see each
other through.
If no one asks
about the things
they've heard
then what
am I to do?
I'm alone
so I'm thinking
of moving on
hold me now
or please forget me
when I'm gone.

Till the sunrises

I've loved
and learned

I've flown
and burned

felt more loneliness
than I earned

still believe in love
when my hearts
in her teeth

still believe in dreams
when goddess monsters
won't let me sleep

so will you
hold my hand
share my blanket
or did I already
go to deep

I'm asking
if you'll
be mine till
the sun comes up

more often
if you can't
get enough

I don't know
about forever
but I still
believe in love

Will you
believe in me
when nobody else does

Walking Slowly

She had this
Daphne thing going on
and a walk
that makes an audience
stand up and talk
She had highlights
looked like
she wanted
to have more fun
I asked her
to dance with me
she thought I meant
like a stripper
My truth
didn't grip her
She had this
magic about her
as she walked away
I already missed her


Mr Jones likes conversations
with Adam Duritz
and Flamenco dancers

Mrs. Jones needs the money
but is unsatisfied
with the lack of attention
she has a thing going on
with Michael Buble

Mr Jones doesn't know
doesnt want to know
He's really happy
that she's happy

They both love music
they love artistic people
Mr. Jones drum has a 3 count
Mrs. Jones is a 16 line verse

So they rarely ever
danced together
It didn't take long
for either of them
to realize
but it was better
than dancing alone

If I

If I replace my face
to become your ideal
If i cry some tears
tell you how I feel
If I fit myself
inside your box
If I believe
in ancient scottish tales
like goldilocks
If I own
my own emotions
help you with yours
will you love me again
like you said before
If I rollover
If I play dead
will you put more words
Inside Theron's Head
If I give you All You Need
will you try again
and sleep with me

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time Travel

I wanted to
reach you
where you are
so I tried
to find you
I asked questions
to get to know
What makes U you

When I asked
how you were
handling your sadness
I didn't intend
to bring those tears

Maybe my question
brought the pain
back to your mind
I only wanted
to help you through
if you needed me to

I thought you
were a soul friend
the kind
that has no end
but now you're gone
and its just me
through my wishes
analyzing the glitches
for me
there is only
right now
right now
you and I
are disconnected
our energy
was oxytocin
it made me younger
renewed my hunger

Now your scent
fades back into
the flower shop
and I'm hoping
spring will come soon
with many flowers
I won't pick them
maybe I will shine
maybe I will rain
maybe I will breathe deeply
before I walk away