Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Something Strange

Aint no eternal sunshine
aint no spotless mind
all these thoughts
race through my daydreams
all these memories
haunt my sleep
even though I've done
all I know to do
to forget
You invite me
then speak of
your unhappiness
you sit on the ground
I kneel before you
you kiss my lips
Heaven and Hell
exist at the same time
in the same space
because I know
this isn't you
this is only me
missing you still
after all this time
even the mention of your name
plays tricks on my brain
reveals the soreness
then the noise of reality
wakes me
leaving behind
the lingering image
of your lips
the shock of them
on mine again
this time I won't mention
I will keep this my secret
it's becoming a sickness

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sacred Knowledge

I've never cared much
about a woman's
sentence structure
or punctuation
or minded much
if she used lots
of profanity and slang
although I have this thing
for women like
Janeane Garafalo
I've known
many a unique
I once fell in love
with an exotic dancer
I never tried
to romance her
I would have
taken a bullet
to keep her safe
held her tight
if she was lonely
encourage her dreams
now back to Janeanes
Abbys if you will
like the truth about
cats and dogs
those with intellect
a bit nerdy
wordy and self conscious
with a conscience
and a political opinion
but I love all kinds of women
I've just always
had this appreciation
of how they change
my chemical equation
my quantum mechanics
I can truly say I'm a fanatic
at times an addict
most times truly curious
from the poor country girls
project intellectuals
to the ambitious suburbans
that only accept the luxurious
Its a lot like reading a poem
I'm honored that they
let me know them
especially when we make love
after words they or
I like to ramble
I try not to sleep
because I love when
they get so deep
She's an Abby
I used to think Abby
was the nickname I gave an ex
after that was over I realized
it was more complex
Abby was more of an ideal
a thinking man's woman
who understands how I feel
one of those things
that just works
when it comes to sex
they do or they don't
never indecisive
even if its quick
she's never easy
if its intense
its not hard to please me
when I can see
that I please you
maybe it seems
I'm dependent upon
Abby's reaction
I admit
I do get satisfaction
from solving the equation
every one
since the moment I realized
its not what women want
but what that one woman wants
call me what you will
but I'm a student
a lover
of the nature
of lovers
who make discoveries
with or without me
even with the way they
come and go
I still have this insatiable
need to know

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Velvet Roping The Wind


Her fatality
was her faith
that only he
could save her
no matter how
that divided
she felt favored
she felt special
it worked for her but
she couldn't understand
how that exclusivity
was a violence
even that belief
was a violence
to those left outside
to those she told
there was no love but his
to those
who would die
not knowing
he was only an example
a gift to a culture
a gift that had been wrapped
in other packages
that had driven
other vehicles
before and after
many die alone
in confict
from well intentioned
idealistic demanding
belief in opposites
fatalistic philosophies
fantastic metaphors
unpenetrable bubbles
that will hear no derision
if she could
she would be shocked by
what hell she created
with her projections of heaven

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Awakening

Photo credit: Awakening by Michelle Tressa

To know her is like deja vu
discovering for the first time
what I already knew
she is a butterfly
breaking her cocoon
she is a gun fight
at high noon
she is a poet
longing for a muse
a muse adored
by many a recluse
insatiable desire
a sunrise bursting from within
to manifest passions on feverish skin
a Queen cat drawn
to her natural prowl
like fresh from a shower
in nothing but a towel
yet never fully vulnerable
nor overexposed
only trying to become one
with the Goddess within
she instinctively knows

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Whose Vagina Is It Anyway


She will ride
in a Fast Car
but tonight
my head rests
on her right thigh
delivering my
vagina monologues
I realize

if I wasn't
already in
we wouldn't be
this close

I also know
what it is
when her desire
is as intense
as mine

I could never understand
what creator
with what plan
would ever expect it
to be denied
or rejected

Softly I whisper
my poems to
my newest friend
I'm hoping the
left leg will twitch
by the fourth stanza's end

I sing her songs
right her wrongs
save tonight
make it unforgettable
she might not
stay too long
ice foreplay
coldplay on
there is no need to fix you
remix you if you will
the universe is in you

I wouldn't be so arrogant
never make such a flagrant
attack on creation
I just want to experience
spiritual physical sensations
like sun kil moon
be still and peaceful
like Alesund
on the beach
in the setting sun

She said "shut up
my mellow fellow,
my divine masculine,
you had me at yellow,
shall we begin?"

like she once lost me
Held my head softly
asked for what she read
the rest is left unsaid

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Be Blessed

I know you
even how you stand
in a picture
I can tell your
emotion in the moment
I can tell by looking
you feel alone
you feel afraid
even with the good life
I know what they meant
when they said they
felt like they walked
out of heaven
but how can there
still be hell
inside my heaven
why couldn't you
see and feel
why didn't it heal
you like it did me
I try to forget
for you
and for me
but there is always
someone, something
there to remind me
rip off the scabs
remind me of
a missing limb
with stabbing pains
they want
to comfort themselves
with experiments
give me tests to pass

see if you're really in my past
then blame me for my reaction
when its real
losing it doesn't easily heal
we can move on
ignore whats missing
maybe eventually
be fine without it
except for the people
who doubt it
can't stop
talking about it
my wish for you
is all that you dream
a man that makes you beam
who gives you steam
builds your self esteem
strength, wholeness,
every good thing
even a ring
all you need
silence you can breathe
peace inexpressible
blessed are the forgetful

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Longing for Immortality (Vesta Bliss)

My life is a spiral staircase
circling my spine

at only a slight incline
Accidentally activated
an awareness unawaited
I know what it is

but you wouldn't believe me
if I told you

When I look in your eyes
when I see your smile
I long to unfold you
for my soul to have known you
my body to hold you

in Love everything is Ascetic
in fear nothing is
there is nothing impure
in my sexual bliss

In fact its cosmic union
metaphysical communion
how universes are created
how this one was first animated

You could not break your vow with me
I could never be an enemy
I am the promise kept
I am the tears that Joshua wept

I see it as devotion to the source
when I am in that place I am the force
physical acts of worship that God endorsed
but if I lay beside you I will not invite you
I will resist all desire to ignite you
I will respect your truth unless
you reach for me then I will know
we have been blessed

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Often she wakes up
with this intensity
says things like

"I want you inside me
on top of me
in back of me
on a couch
on the floor
in the woods."

I say

"like a poet
like an animal
at inappropriate times
in inappropriate places
in illegal ways
I want to breathe you in
before I taste you like prey."

She says
"Successfully turned off.
Thank you. That was perfect.
I have to get up and workout.
No time."

That was always the risk
If I navigated the maze
successfully we could both
be released from life's
pressures and stresses
but if I even touched
the energized walls
it meant death to her arousal
a twisted feeling
inside me

There were those days
when we arrived
quite by accident I think
the less I said
the more she imagined
Eyeronikally the more
we both felt.

I just have this
overwhelming need
to find it on an
intellectual level
spiritual level
animal level
I guess we all
have our searches

Friday, September 21, 2012

37th Shade of Inksanity

Did you ever try to detox yourself
from a lover who became an addiction
while you weren't fully paying attention

Did you try to say no to them
Asking yourself how did this happen again
How do I repeatedly attract this

Right now my brain is hurting
Hurting from wondering why you can't be found
Why time after time our Fridays go this way
Why it even took more than once for me to realize

Do I have a learning disability
Do I enjoy breaking my heart open
Or do I like to bleed to feed my vampire quill

This must be the definiton of insanity
Torture out a poem like a masochist
allowing myself to be pushed to the breaking point

Only then reaching for the next hand
It is definitely a sickness
I'm completely submissive to a muse

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rhyme Scene Investigation

This is not my pen there is blood in it not my own its clearly seen places I've never been
opened eyes, hearts lit flames warmed bodies
scratched surfaces
ended innocence
Sit here for a while you will see it stand up on its own move without my hand to the drums of a long dead band surely this is not my pen

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why the moon is rarely blue

Are people still killing
dying for the things

that men made?
I've lost touch
I read too much
write poetry in the shade
I've been observing
how gentle the light
is with the darkness
Familiar like soulmates
its never a bit awkward
actually its beautiful
how they collaborate
they dip their paintbrushes
into a rainbow
look at each other
as if their's is a secret
only they know
see you in the morning
a kiss as they go

my dear universe manifested

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I realized some bridges need to be burned so that I can't go back to chasing ghosts that haunt my dreams
This is not how I thought it would go
I thought if I gave you room you would feel free in that freedom understanding love choose we but now its just me realizing thinking knowing Its time for my departure a pivotal moment I keep telling myself not to look back because in some universes this bridge is only in my imagination a hologram created by my longing for how coming back to life feels
I've been combing through it like a crime scene investigation grieving like a funeral looking for someone like you selfishly praying to you wishing you would stop me watching the clock hoping you will break tell me not to go wishing that you would know that I let you go because I know what love is
Now boarding flight 518 to Shanghai with a 4 and 1/2 hour layover freezing as our cold war leads to no more I don't want to go back without you I feel homeless

Thursday, August 23, 2012

He Remembers

She read All You Need
had an intense reaction

decided to see first hand
She was like hmm
not really Jimi Hendrix
more like a cover band
low self esteem
add in quick decisions
idolizing money
and light skin
hard to stay friends
much less lovers
frees you
till you see you
reveals character
puffs up
Ambition wants
better and more
until it has it
then it wants
more and better
I think I have
365 letters in me
I don't know
what else to do
but build a house
while I'm waiting
 you won't
stay out of my sleep
So I'm gonna write about it
live without it
until I'm the right man
not just the when
your man is out
at night man

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Everyday I
invite the world in
by the end
I'm letting it go
There are exceptions
more things I didn't know
in my awkwardness
breathing in again
my flow
Not pushed
or pulled
but moving
of my own
I would give
the world away
for you
to stay and play
Loneliness understood though
alone with the universe
its on reward
sometimes its on curse
when you don't kiss my lips
they are kissed by verse

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


both haunt my dreams
Secrets not well hidden
are waterboarding
my inner peace
In my sleep yesterday needs me
Today is conflicted but
goes with her wanting
Yesterday's today has gone home
and says its ok for me to be
there for her while he is gone
or so she says in my dreams
Today's face is in a pillow
looking back at me
with sounds of pleasure
but its not me who pleases
I got 50 woes
nothing I know
can cure them
is an ecosystem
Holograms love me so much
they can't stand
for me to leave them
We wait for each other in silence
speaking only when spoken to
and no one listens to anyone
My mirror reflects nothingness
Everything is nothing
nothing is everything
I'm willing to sacrifice
almost anything
for the only thing
I want

is lost

Thursday, August 2, 2012

7 times in a blue moon

I'm the type of poet
who will risk everything
for the next pleasure
the next muse
I'm a cliche
and so is everyone else
because cliche is
the human condition
I strain
to rise above it
but it feels like
a band
and the further I pull away
the harder it snaps back

Sex is a delicious snack
and if I'm honest
there is no enough
but I know love
is the meal
is my soul's satisfaction
I like Friends With Benefits
but I loved The Notebook

I wonder if you love
as good as you look
and I have to admit
I'm aroused by your books

If I listen to all your secrets
will you make some with me
if I'm a choir boy
or a playboy
my partners never trust me

so I question this idea of monogamy
not because I don't want it
because I'm afraid it doesn't exist
whats projected as the norm
seems to be the twist
the exception to the rule
I'm most definitely a fool
I'm surrounded by and drowning
in my own ignorance
who needs more motivation
to stay in school

Take off your cool
Now that Andre is gone
I want to get to know you too
lets make love to Elevators
ME and U

Get so high
that we never want to
come back down to earth
give birth to future dogmas
collect drachmas
give it all to the greedy
will I always find U
if I stay needy

whats it like to be the benefactor
of me losing my confusions
dancing with The God of all religions
and having trouble with simple decisions
stuttering at derisions
harmlessness my discipline

after we make love again
may I ramble you to sleep
be careful swimming in my thoughts
they're too deep for some
Here comes "The Son"
to rapture my heart
take me back to the start

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

teardrops are characters

I've seen this
loving and losing thing
from 36 sides
I can write
upright through it
with tears in my eyes
Each day I'm alive
a little more
of the old me dies
There is something higher
not only a calling
an experience
I've risen above myself
separate from my body
with clearance
God explained
defined as a particle
I an article
Whatever I is
If there is a me
its master
flight like
the wright brothers
evolving to walks
on many moons
breaking up
coming back down
into the atmosphere
with drops of jupiter
in my hair
tear drops
having become
the rain from
my pen
show me to
your women
I'm here to
learn from them

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Live Streaming

I don't kick the tires
on any vehicles
that bring me truth
I'm still Hip Hop
even if I
never again
grab the mic
or step inside
a recording booth
Wise enough to feast
on crumbs and fragments
even after drinking
from the whole
There is no lack in me
I have the Universal
backbone in me
even my antagonist
befriends me
my rhymes transcend me
fresh water
flows through me
never stagnated
or seperated
lies will never
subdue me
school me
I Am Learning
a disciple
of what is
cracked code bliss
know this
even death
cannot hold me
only shows
what words
don't know
where the path
inside my soul goes
open ME
and God flows

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

September or Singapore

How odd it all is
hers and hers and his
Poet of Les Miserables

I sip my bud light with lime
after photo sessions
with my kid

he makes her his
The reason things happen
never removes the sting
I did all I could
I don't know how
to change a damn thing

So I search out peace
in a raindrop
on a blade of grass
as the shadows
of clouds pass

reminding myself
universes once ulogized
should not be idolized
but vaporized like
the day after
the day after
I was born

I can't remember
but this was
only last September

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Current Era

Ships capsize
on the way
to forever
tossing lovers

maybe one
found a lifeboat

the other
lost vision
visibility sight
or something

in this present crisis
Praying to Isis
beautifully sacred
angels in waiting

what kind of father
would I have been
what kind of son
what kind of lover
if I had been
the only one

that cannot be measured
like an inch
no real standards
outside the lines

non linear
beginner buddha
she thinks
I think
I'm Jesus

slightest misunderstanding
she would be my pontius pilot
flying away
with our plans
she wanted me
to pick a team
be a player

.1 percent less
more like ordinary
go back to churches
with steeples
priest, nuns and latin
learn about sacrifice
I was like
I already gave
ME to U

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fading into U

You don't have
enough money
until you have
enough money
to let me be me

You were never
any less than
on the outside
you shouldn't think
that lasts forever
treat him better

I know he
helps you forget
your right hand
grabbed his hand
as your left
let go of mine

Even if
I was blind
I would know you
I so hope
your life
is all
you can imagine

when love becomes
less chemical
and more choice
I pray you
choose to stay
they say
you will live
longer that way

Saturday, March 31, 2012


I could never
view U as
less than ME
I could never
put you or
me above we
I AM Centered
and Harmonic
in US
In that love
I rise like
there is helium
in my lungs
lifting me into
a sky full of life
I feel the wind
on my face
I feel the energy
the security
of knowledge
I feel freedom
from time
the accumulations
the erosions
of the third circuit
when I'm with you
we are free
even from our bodies
we are no longer
conscious of ourselves
your wants are my needs
we are a higher power
life flows into us
is tranformed
into intimacy
physical expressions
of spiritual truths
youthful euphoric
igniting the sun
losing our delusions
removing our illusions
sudden clarity
we are back
at one

Monday, March 26, 2012


I think shes making plans
with another man
I'm wishing I was him
While all along knowing
that I would be the other
lover or even brother
because of the way
I love her
so Im letting go
watching her discover
whatever it is
that she will find
be it better or worse
freedom a blessing
or a curse
something that she
thought she wanted
until she had it
or if this were 8 mile
she would be rabbit
I'm the dog
that will not chase her
even though
like my heart beat
I can't erase her
No matter how much
more than words
she only believed
her past pains
shes no longer
tangled up in me
my brain is staind
I'm wishing for
the kisses
from the pictures
love like
in the scriptures
there will be no chains
no bars of mine
can't press rewind
her imagination
by design
I know what it is
to suffocate
still she cant
get anything here
except me
if every other man
and the chasing
is better
then let her

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rum and Coke

by @SophiaFine from www.sophiafine.com

I like rum and coke
black and milds
private conversations
I would rather
talk for hours
on our couch
than tour the world
on some vacation
what do you like?
I don't lead
I don't follow
I am by your side
You should see
the wide open spaces
here in my kingdom
Its not imaginary
though its only
in my mind
I do my dreams
my actions bring them
my ideas are divine
that profit me
with growth
along my path
my quantum mechanics
have 1s and 2s
can you do the math?
If so then
dance with me
to the beat
of Sylvia Plath
or Emerson
to ease your pain
some How To Love
by Lil Wayne
and a moment
that takes your breath
I suck the marrow
out of a moment
then write
the blueprints
of new universes
study subversives
come away with me
to beautiful
let me live
in you
in me
2 are 1

Tuesday, March 6, 2012



I don't mind
being your first
the only one
you've known
I understand
you will do
a little damage
as you try
to find your home
I've been
where you are
I was afraid
So even if
I get some scars
on my
reanimated heart
I will
see you through
your way
I will lay
my chest open
show you
which buttons
to press
You can smile
and nod
if I digress
I will recognize
that I've
Take a breath
and press refresh
Quiet again
like an operation
careful there
I might buzz
remove and study
my beating heart
pick the ripe
fruits from
my brain
Except for those
I'm kind of plain
but if you can see
where I went wrong
then maybe your world
will sing along
to every word
of all your dreams
you'll realize all
your plans and schemes
hold in your hands
all you want
against the wind
remain undaunted
Aesthetically imperfect
and a beautiful mess
leading to
your happiness

Friday, February 3, 2012

When I make love to you

love to you
I don't feel
any guilt or shame
for me its
prayer and worship
When I touch you
I touch God
When you touch me
God touches me
When I see you
naked as you came
I am awakening
It is the rising
of the sun
its setting
Each time
a new work of art
The art of sound
of light
of curves
When we make love
we are free
we are higher
our bodies
tools of the divine
rooms in heaven
blue flames

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Love lifts you up
like a bird in flight
and sometimes
becomes a hurricane
in your sleep at night
Sometimes it takes you to Oz
sometimes New Orleans
but it never leaves you
where you started
Joy filled elevations
and grief filled desperations
are never paradoxes
they hold hands
in heaven and hell
leave you with
smiles and scars
and a story to tell

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God is Loneliness

The Chrononaut by @Diana605 Diana Matisz from LifeThruBlueEyes

I was born
in the year
of the dog
and I have
good diction
and bad addictions
Seems to make me
an unsavory choice
as a lover and partner
They lose their mind
for a minute or a month
sometimes a couple years
but then fears
needs for emotional security
take them from me
and I bury myself
again in my poetry
and I'm a sucker
for a pretty face
that reads me
or seems to
even an appearance
of understanding
and I become a puppy
for their attention
and then there are angels
there is never
any exclusivity with angels
She needed a reason
and I gave her a choice
She would only choose
after she had a reason
Love is the only reason I have
Now that her mind is thoroughly colonized
I realize I have to let go
God is not love he is loneliness
that is why everything was created.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Never Say My Name

Don't say my name
Love is my discipline
but passion fans its flame

The beauty
you feel inside
is the thing I treasured most
and I dreamed Id keep

Have you ever
held her hand
smelled her hair
with her body
tight against yours

have your lips
ever tasted hers

if you ever do
remember that I
had been there first

surely as a man
you can understand
this is not a game
you have my love
for the sake of peace
never say my name

Wake up call

I'm in a dark place Maggie
Can you hold my hand
Until I can see the sun

I am what happens
when you hold hands in hell
with someone who quits

Is it ok if I
look into your eyes
to see if there is any
life left in me

Are you a friend
Are you a lover
will you understand me sexually
or advise me like a mother

Will you be my muse my donnoi
Can I be your troubadour
will you help me forget
all other loves and losses
that came before

You came uninvited
Will my affections go unrequited
or will your blue flame be ignited
when you say hello I get excited

Share my blanket
I want to feel the heat
of your body
next to my body

I need some oxytocin
I'm out of balance
I'm a dancer
who stays in motion
I am the drop
I am the ocean

I'm thirsty
for your lips
one hand on your neck
the other on your hip

Be my irony
Be my twist of fate
Be my better woman
for love its never too late.

Monday, January 16, 2012

King of broken hearts

She wasn't much of a lover
She isn't much of a friend
She would make a really good mother
but mostly to grown men

She makes a lot of promises
most of which she can't keep
she lives in yesterday
constantly cycling through
five stages of grief

She asks for things she can't return
she asks for trust she didn't earn
she gives much less than she requires
if you fall short her love expires

She will draw you out of your safe place
dress you up improve your face
fill you up with love and joy
then crush your heart like its her toy

tell the world the lies she believes
swear by them as she lives and breathes
build a prison of cultural obligations
with one set of rules for you
another for those from her nation

She will hold you one night
spend the next with him
explains that they didn't choose
it just happened what can we do

I loved her with all my heart and soul
She never for a moment trusted me
there is no sun it is so cold
she did not break she busted me

Thursday, January 12, 2012


We all
see through
each other
but only
some of us
see each
other through.
If no one asks
about the things
they've heard
then what
am I to do?
I'm alone
so I'm thinking
of moving on
hold me now
or please forget me
when I'm gone.

Till the sunrises

I've loved
and learned

I've flown
and burned

felt more loneliness
than I earned

still believe in love
when my hearts
in her teeth

still believe in dreams
when goddess monsters
won't let me sleep

so will you
hold my hand
share my blanket
or did I already
go to deep

I'm asking
if you'll
be mine till
the sun comes up

more often
if you can't
get enough

I don't know
about forever
but I still
believe in love

Will you
believe in me
when nobody else does