Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Atlas couldn't hug
but he could preach fear
to keep me close
In some moments
I wanted to see
his world fall apart
I dreamed of a new world
that love holds up
Let his arms be free
Let his eyes
his mind
Let knowledge
shine light
into his darkness
What if I
wrapped my arms
around him
and squeezed
pulled down a bit
would he let go
would he
sit down beside me
if he did
would his world
fall on us
or is it hanging
in a Universe
like Earth
never really needed
his arms like I did
would he still
hold on
hold up
be made older sooner
by my weight
I don't know
but I still wish
he would let go
and hold me
with his heart
with his mind
with his soul
with his arms