Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Atlas couldn't hug
but he could preach fear
to keep me close
In some moments
I wanted to see
his world fall apart
I dreamed of a new world
that love holds up
Let his arms be free
Let his eyes
his mind
Let knowledge
shine light
into his darkness
What if I
wrapped my arms
around him
and squeezed
pulled down a bit
would he let go
would he
sit down beside me
if he did
would his world
fall on us
or is it hanging
in a Universe
like Earth
never really needed
his arms like I did
would he still
hold on
hold up
be made older sooner
by my weight
I don't know
but I still wish
he would let go
and hold me
with his heart
with his mind
with his soul
with his arms

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The small dark movie of my life

Sometimes I feel
silence casts me
in a bad light
my emotions
so complex
can only process
I feel like an accident
in a Brave New World
I'm in love with U
but some nights
I come undone
like an Earth
without an Allison
Many Marthas
just won't do
Moonlight Sonatas
guy friends
that I see through
you created this Universe
now where are you?
You invited me
into your isolation
gave me
a starring role
in your memories
now I'm empty
distant from me
and 10,000 miles
from family
and you feel
like a victim
all I wanted to do
was love you
I never tried to improve
I would have
always seen you through
You left me
one too many times
for my imaginary crimes
and again
you tried to return
in our home
when in rome
you ripped up
all the pictures
left me all alone
every time
I left the room
you still
checked my phone
there was nothing
I could do
to free you
from your past
I don't remember
wanting anything more
than I wanted us to last
now we cry
in seperate rooms
still not moving on
but sitting
4 feet from me
I can tell that
you have gone
you loved the poetry
in me
but couldn't take the dross
its better to have loved
so I'll take the loss
begin again
so you won't wonder
I'll be leaving
all your friends
I hope you
can forgive me
for my need to versify
Its how I stay alive
how I fix
what you broke
Its better
than rum and coke
and too many smokes
pain filled jokes
choose better next time
you read
but did you read
between the rhymes

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


If life is
in the right now
I want to be
on the front edge
leaning forward
with the wind
in my face
like Leonardo DiCaprio
in Titanic
every new lifetime
even the ones that
weather me

I've been learning
about aloneness
maybe its a gift
maybe its an invitation
to step away from
my delusions
my illusions
my confusion
and my conclusions

Maybe its the doorway
to freedom
a wilderness
at night time
with the birth of dawn
waiting on the otherside

And on the other side
maybe there is ME
fully integrated
all together, and altogether One
a 7 billion part harmony.

The band is tuning up.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I dream of a place where

I dream of a place where
we forgive each other
with the knowledge that
none of us are innocent
I dream of a place where
we all live together
forgetful of offenses
and fences
I dream of a place where
you and I are U and Eye
A place with sight
where the only color
is the blue flame of love
I dream of a place where
you want to sit near me
truly know me
truly be known
Is it so Unthinkable?