Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To Wagner's Wife

I see you
in every I
and Eye keep
asking myself why
I still can't
seem to get
this right
Somedays U sing
Some nights U
walk in my dreams
I can feel
your touch
but not that much
I've been repeating
in my mind
trying to redesign
remap even
Haven't found a way
but I keep believing
That someday somehow
I will get
it right with U
in my right now
Then Eye ask myself
If U were my delusion
did I put you up
High enough
for my heart
to bow down
looking down
maybe Eye
really couldn't see
I was too eager
for U to feel me
still my heartaches
my mind wants
to get this right
so badly
but sadly
I keep repeating
the same mistakes
I have become
my own redundancies
vicious circles
like spiral staircases
that Eye climb
down deep inside me.