Friday, November 18, 2011

Giving Her Away

... She said, "I isolate myself to protect our love. If I have guy friends, maybe I'll find someone better than you." He soaked it in in silence and decided to give her away. He began creating situations that involved better men. He encouraged the friendships. He continued to be himself to her. He could see his light and darkness. He could also see hers. If she knew his plan she didn't let on.

A year passed and she had become close to a better man. He saw how she smiled when she spoke of the better man. He always asked questions about the better man. She spent her days with the one who made her smile and her nights with him. It didn't take long for her to start staying away on the weekends.

A few months later she moved out. They kept in touch. He was happy to hear the smile in her voice over the phone.

One day she asked to meet with him for lunch. She said she had some important news. When they met she told him her wedding plans in great detail. He listened and smiled with her. She said,"So what are your thoughts? You always have some." He said,"Can I give you away?"