Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To Wagner's Wife

I see you
in every I
and Eye keep
asking myself why
I still can't
seem to get
this right
Somedays U sing
Some nights U
walk in my dreams
I can feel
your touch
but not that much
I've been repeating
in my mind
trying to redesign
remap even
Haven't found a way
but I keep believing
That someday somehow
I will get
it right with U
in my right now
Then Eye ask myself
If U were my delusion
did I put you up
High enough
for my heart
to bow down
looking down
maybe Eye
really couldn't see
I was too eager
for U to feel me
still my heartaches
my mind wants
to get this right
so badly
but sadly
I keep repeating
the same mistakes
I have become
my own redundancies
vicious circles
like spiral staircases
that Eye climb
down deep inside me.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Can you come by
call me when you
want to
Can you sleep over
whereever you want to
do what you feel
nothing you don't
Will you always
smile like that
when it feels
you think
I'm a dream
will you talk to me
for a while
even if we
don't understand a word
Do you have
some extra time
what are you
doing tonight
Do you want
someone who knows
how life
can come and go
How it falls
then climbs
when you need
someone sometimes

Friday, November 18, 2011

Giving Her Away

... She said, "I isolate myself to protect our love. If I have guy friends, maybe I'll find someone better than you." He soaked it in in silence and decided to give her away. He began creating situations that involved better men. He encouraged the friendships. He continued to be himself to her. He could see his light and darkness. He could also see hers. If she knew his plan she didn't let on.

A year passed and she had become close to a better man. He saw how she smiled when she spoke of the better man. He always asked questions about the better man. She spent her days with the one who made her smile and her nights with him. It didn't take long for her to start staying away on the weekends.

A few months later she moved out. They kept in touch. He was happy to hear the smile in her voice over the phone.

One day she asked to meet with him for lunch. She said she had some important news. When they met she told him her wedding plans in great detail. He listened and smiled with her. She said,"So what are your thoughts? You always have some." He said,"Can I give you away?"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Splinters Of Her Discontent

Luminous Girl from by @SophaFine

I never told
their secrets
but I did not
tell you lies
You didn't believe
I loved you
couldn't you see it
in my eyes
You believe
you hear more
in the things
I didn't say
I love you enough
to let you
live life
in your own way
I found
my own happiness
self confidence
I learned from
everything you
had to teach
You said
I should give more
to the things
I hope to keep
You healed me
in my arms
so long
now that you're gone
I can't sleep