Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lovely Complex

When you leave me alone
i may get a little wild.
Love me for me
and ill be a golden child.
I dont mind your guy friends
if you dont mind my women.
If you neglect me though
there are rules I dont mind bending.
Im known to speculate
and state things out of this world.
They say youre physically out of my league
I still believe you can be my girl.
If you think about it
its for the good of mankind.
Everything that is you
and Everything that is mine.
Creating kingdoms and universes
that will stand through all time.
Unless youre a Coretta Scott King
with a Shakira swing
there wont be no ring.
You may be
and not realize that you are.
All of you and all of me
we shine bright like the stars.
Ill be a hero
if youll be a Queen.
Take a breath and tell me
can you see what I mean.
Will you stay when I say things
you dont Understand.
Even if i need zapped like im roger
im still gonna sing I wanna be your man.
No need to fear me.
Come over here and get near me.
Quiet your mind for a moment
and let your soul feel its guide.
My love is a sweet chariot
Ill swing down let ya ride.

I Want To Be Your Man