Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Urban Love Story

He calls her Abby
She calls him Special Ed
She told him to study the classics
because hes a high risk on street cred
She meant rappers are unlikely to cosign
She appreciates his mind but continues
that he never fit the profile
Further, his perspective on reality
is a little off center
but he doesn't resent her
his lifes better
from the moment she entered
from time to time
she likes to stake her claim
undecided on babies
but she likes his last name
The thing thats best about it
is the way her arms feel
They keep him in touch
with whats outside him and real
There are moments
when she sees him
as the face of her misery
and she says so bitterly
but when she smiles
it fans his blue flame
almost invisibly
she upgrades his game
stated simply
shes complicated
but into him
way more than a friend to him
he calls her his fam
because shes like first and most
lover and friend
all that and more
a piece to the puzzle
revealing things
he hasnt seen before
Shes like a mirror
he sees himself more clearly
He loves his life
but it means everything
to sleep with her near
they are adrift
on the sea of humanity
his paddles are
his insecurity
and his vanity
she feels like balance
so even if she falls
or doesn't answer when he calls
he plans to be there
when she needs him in life
shes like
the lines on the paper
of his notebook
when shes a diva
hell be her bodyguard
hell be her soft place
when life gets hard