Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Doors Of Perception Eisegesis (The D.O.P.E.)

She said "The doors of perception
must be wiped clean
to ever see reality."
I said "LSD, The Doors, Aldous Huxley or
William Blake?"
She said "Can you use
The Blue Flame to
light my fire."
I said "Yes, are you
at the end of your tether?"
She said "I've changed form
since I saw the pattern from
The Outisde now I ride
on the storm."

I said "people are strange.
How can they not see?
If they want to see what's true
break on through,
cut the rope,
and roam free.
Woman touch me
love me 2 times
till I come alive.
Love expands the consciousness,
Cosmic awareness.
We are the universe
the universe is us.
Take off your clothes
take off your role
remove the filter.
Let's make more strange people."

The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell