Monday, May 9, 2011

Twin Flames

She knocked on the door
to his house of pain
to borrow a cup of intellect.

He led her in
became her friend
then showed her tomorrow
in retrospect.

They spoke of love and dreams.
They spoke of quantum physics,
fear and hope
Cultural anthropology, etymology,
math and all its digits,
over beer and smokes.
Their thought vibrations
for him put things in order,
like quiet where noise
was the only reality

In silence he absorbed her
and injected her with poetry,
philosophy, and musicality.

Their energies separated
from their bodies and merged
above space and time.

She dissected his heart
and his mind and found rabbit holes
into his rhyme.

Somewhere in the twilight
the poet became her lover.
The poet became her prince.

Addictive love, higher than any other,
soul ties that were a shock to the senses.

She put her consciousness in captain mode
and saw the universe replaced.

He slowly removed her bible belt
and total freedom she embraced.

Their passion was prayer and worship,
angels sang as he drank her sacrifice.

Their love burned an ice blue
like at the wedding of darkness and light.

Big Bang Evolution that these 2 gods created, cherished, embraced, celebrated.Resonated.

They gave birth to ecstatic souls
and love was no longer isolated.