Monday, May 30, 2011

Latest Release

Say Anything
about Westside Story
and their similarities to
Romeo and Juliet
and we find that

Americas Sweethearts
Love Actually

when potholes are placed
in our paths

by the Montagues
the Capulets
and the Sylvia Plaths
Maybe I love this Iraqi girl

and its forbidden
by the Capitalists
and the Baathists
Or I love this African American girl
and its forbidden
by the Methodist Episcipals
and the Southern Baptists

Or that Buddhist chick
tells us whats love got to do with it
but I love you more

now that society has screwed with it
I just want to see
What  Dreams May Come
and If you’ll love me like its the last time
as I spit this rhythmically over drums
John and Paul Said
money Can’t Buy Me Love
and Patrick Dempsey
is Enchanted by

Meredith Grey’s Anatomy
but she’s got daddy issues

and she won’t swim back
after he has a moment but loses
George loses both when he chooses
so poems have fallen

its crime now when Jack comes callin
with his artistic nudes
the dudes get more metro
Juliet has an attitude
I wish this fairy tale was retro
if you really love something you let go?