Friday, May 20, 2011

The End Of The Age

Lost Illusions by @ThierryTig

I walked Soi 10
at twilight
carrying water
and thinking
of Stephen Hawking
calling the time of death
on philosophy
and seeing a silhouette
of a young thai woman
on her balcony
in her doorway
observing me
I glanced up
three times
and her eyes
were still there

I passed thinking
of other kinds
of life forms
on other planets
the possibilities

I think reality
is so very measured
that I don't understand
how it could be an accident
but I don't believe
in some old man
in the sky
looking down on me
loving me conditionally

I see the entirety
in the eyes
of each part
I see "God"
in their love

Surely this
is the end
of the age

of fear
and war
and separatism.

The Grand Design