Monday, May 30, 2011

Latest Release

Say Anything
about Westside Story
and their similarities to
Romeo and Juliet
and we find that

Americas Sweethearts
Love Actually

when potholes are placed
in our paths

by the Montagues
the Capulets
and the Sylvia Plaths
Maybe I love this Iraqi girl

and its forbidden
by the Capitalists
and the Baathists
Or I love this African American girl
and its forbidden
by the Methodist Episcipals
and the Southern Baptists

Or that Buddhist chick
tells us whats love got to do with it
but I love you more

now that society has screwed with it
I just want to see
What  Dreams May Come
and If you’ll love me like its the last time
as I spit this rhythmically over drums
John and Paul Said
money Can’t Buy Me Love
and Patrick Dempsey
is Enchanted by

Meredith Grey’s Anatomy
but she’s got daddy issues

and she won’t swim back
after he has a moment but loses
George loses both when he chooses
so poems have fallen

its crime now when Jack comes callin
with his artistic nudes
the dudes get more metro
Juliet has an attitude
I wish this fairy tale was retro
if you really love something you let go?

Sunday, May 29, 2011


you seem like someone
i could fall in love with
u r my mind manifest
in all its
conflicts contradictions
and double thinks
have we created
a universe before
can i buy u a drink
from cliched opposites
to an original memory
im impregnated
im so totally
gestating a fairy tale
conceived the night you were
completely unable
to fit in my whole
so i have to shout it
from the tops
of collapsing buildings
if u could see
the way she snubs me
maybe you would understand

Fall For You

Friday, May 20, 2011

The End Of The Age

Lost Illusions by @ThierryTig

I walked Soi 10
at twilight
carrying water
and thinking
of Stephen Hawking
calling the time of death
on philosophy
and seeing a silhouette
of a young thai woman
on her balcony
in her doorway
observing me
I glanced up
three times
and her eyes
were still there

I passed thinking
of other kinds
of life forms
on other planets
the possibilities

I think reality
is so very measured
that I don't understand
how it could be an accident
but I don't believe
in some old man
in the sky
looking down on me
loving me conditionally

I see the entirety
in the eyes
of each part
I see "God"
in their love

Surely this
is the end
of the age

of fear
and war
and separatism.

The Grand Design

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Passing Storms by @Diana605 from LifeThruBlueEyes

"Past Sensibilité" by @SophiaFine from

I miss when
my delusions
first met
your illusions
before there was
too much reality
when there were
mostly dreams
before the dissecting
became painful
when you still
loved my brain
when you believed
I am who I say
and I believed that too
When Eye believed in U

Buckets Of Rain

Monday, May 9, 2011

Twin Flames

She knocked on the door
to his house of pain
to borrow a cup of intellect.

He led her in
became her friend
then showed her tomorrow
in retrospect.

They spoke of love and dreams.
They spoke of quantum physics,
fear and hope
Cultural anthropology, etymology,
math and all its digits,
over beer and smokes.
Their thought vibrations
for him put things in order,
like quiet where noise
was the only reality

In silence he absorbed her
and injected her with poetry,
philosophy, and musicality.

Their energies separated
from their bodies and merged
above space and time.

She dissected his heart
and his mind and found rabbit holes
into his rhyme.

Somewhere in the twilight
the poet became her lover.
The poet became her prince.

Addictive love, higher than any other,
soul ties that were a shock to the senses.

She put her consciousness in captain mode
and saw the universe replaced.

He slowly removed her bible belt
and total freedom she embraced.

Their passion was prayer and worship,
angels sang as he drank her sacrifice.

Their love burned an ice blue
like at the wedding of darkness and light.

Big Bang Evolution that these 2 gods created, cherished, embraced, celebrated.Resonated.

They gave birth to ecstatic souls
and love was no longer isolated.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Who's Who in an Ant Colony?

The Queen doesn't seem to think of herself as a royal.  She goes through her day much the same as the workers. They are just busy with what comes naturally to them.  She attends to her children much as any mother would. The workers assist her in this without regard to caste.  There is no real sense of reverence or superiority.  They all just go about things as they have evolved.  A business relationship has formed with butterflies.  It has its randomness and trial and error but a clear mutualism.  I saw them feed on a caterpillar that cheated them.  In most cases though the mutualism balances out across a lifetime.
The young Queen is a lover. She makes no qualms about it.  She doesn't seem to subscribe to the idea of a life long partner. Maybe thats because males as an almost absolute rule live short lives here.  The communication is mostly vibrations. The Queen seems to be the most receptive.  The workers respond to her touch with increased compliance.  All in all its a slow, practical evolution of basic survival.  Truth be told I'm pretty much bored to death with it.  They think I'm crazy and kind of treat me as an outcast.  I don't mind much though. They think that 9 year old boy with a magnifying glass is God.

NOVA: Ants - Little Creatures Who Run the World