Thursday, April 28, 2011

The problem with Problem Children

Hold my hand.
Hug me.
Talk to me.
Listen to me.

Get to know me.
Tell me its ok to be me
and to see the world
from my perspective.
Learn to see the beauty in me.
Help me to see it.

Teach me to see possibilites.
Help me learn not to be afraid.
Don't resent the financial challenges
of having me. Or at least
don't let me know.

Share your view of the world,
Not just your fear, doubt,
programming, and the news.
Watch less TV.
Be a little less self absorbed.
Stop telling me how bad you had it
and how good I have it.
Learn about the world outside our world.
Let me know how to live in it.

Embrace me, Cherish Me,
Treasure Me, Celebrate Me.
Be responsible for the environment
that you bring me into.
Make my world as soft and safe
as possible as you prepare
me to face whatever is real in the world.
Be more grateful for me
than you think I should be for you.
Say you love me.

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