Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lost Causes

by @SophiaFine from http://www.sophiafine.com/

 ... And songbirds came
in all shapes, sizes, and colors;
perfection comes
in the expression
of their unique song.

Julian sang ex-votos
from his perch a-top
New York City.
He told subatomic stories
of lost causes
with great needs.

You could feel
them with
at least 
thirteen senses,
as his melodies
carried you along
the paths of
faceless nobodies,
drops in oceans,
who didn't know
they were the whole.

Through Julian's song
You faded into We,
they faded into Me.

Things only
got better slowly,
and only for those
who had no choice
but to sing.

Perfect Blue

Love Always Theory