Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'll Be Waiting

I hear even what you don't say. I know what "I have things on my mind" means. I feel what you feel; when you say "I'll be waiting."

What would we have been if you could have stayed? Maybe, we already would have lived dreams. While I heal and you deal, I'll be waiting.

I notice the difference in you when we're alone. Who you are when it's just us. I'm sorry; I didn't love your mother enough.

I wish we were together right now face to face; everyday living this life together. I wish I was better.

I hope somewhere in your mind and heart you know me; that you can feel my love; that it holds you while you're waiting.

I hope you grow up to understand me and love the man I'm becoming. When you're your own man making your own choices.

I'll be waiting.