Saturday, April 30, 2011

Changing j to sp

It felt like
being half project
and half redneck
could only equal reject.
I've always had
this need
to change the J
to sp
The only way
I could think of
was to learn
to grow,
to test the limits,
to release
my tethers.
Sometimes I
wanted to
slip this skin,
its legacy.

The Universe
is calling me.
I have to take this
no more missed calls
Yes Yes Y'all?
I'm listening.
I understand.
Who's The Man?
No you the man.
I want to be like U.
When I grow up.
Ok, Stay Up.

As I was saying.
I've wanted True Freedom.
Real Liberty.
To be free.
To be me.
a good man.
not necessarily a good citizen.
unless its global.
my freedom must be total.
to and from.
or its only marketing.

So I meditate.
Sometimes search.
I want to know the whole story,
or as much as I can
in what time I have.
Not just if I have time.

So I write.
Sometimes they are
self fulfilling prophecies.
A way of revealing Me to me.
even with my I closed eye see.
and I think the key is just be.
be love.
in as many moments as I can.
and I can.

Through searching
she found me.
read every word.
said I will be felt
and remembered.
We felt one december.
the very moment
I will always remember.
she understands my nuance.
knows my truth.
dances to the music
of my soul.
teaches me respect.

So one thing is clear
one thing I can do.
I may not change
The Current of
The River of Life.
I may not get to live
in a DreamWorld with
Robin Thicke
but I can love her.
be respect
and not think
like a reject.