Saturday, April 30, 2011

Changing j to sp

It felt like
being half project
and half redneck
could only equal reject.
I've always had
this need
to change the J
to sp
The only way
I could think of
was to learn
to grow,
to test the limits,
to release
my tethers.
Sometimes I
wanted to
slip this skin,
its legacy.

The Universe
is calling me.
I have to take this
no more missed calls
Yes Yes Y'all?
I'm listening.
I understand.
Who's The Man?
No you the man.
I want to be like U.
When I grow up.
Ok, Stay Up.

As I was saying.
I've wanted True Freedom.
Real Liberty.
To be free.
To be me.
a good man.
not necessarily a good citizen.
unless its global.
my freedom must be total.
to and from.
or its only marketing.

So I meditate.
Sometimes search.
I want to know the whole story,
or as much as I can
in what time I have.
Not just if I have time.

So I write.
Sometimes they are
self fulfilling prophecies.
A way of revealing Me to me.
even with my I closed eye see.
and I think the key is just be.
be love.
in as many moments as I can.
and I can.

Through searching
she found me.
read every word.
said I will be felt
and remembered.
We felt one december.
the very moment
I will always remember.
she understands my nuance.
knows my truth.
dances to the music
of my soul.
teaches me respect.

So one thing is clear
one thing I can do.
I may not change
The Current of
The River of Life.
I may not get to live
in a DreamWorld with
Robin Thicke
but I can love her.
be respect
and not think
like a reject.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The problem with Problem Children

Hold my hand.
Hug me.
Talk to me.
Listen to me.

Get to know me.
Tell me its ok to be me
and to see the world
from my perspective.
Learn to see the beauty in me.
Help me to see it.

Teach me to see possibilites.
Help me learn not to be afraid.
Don't resent the financial challenges
of having me. Or at least
don't let me know.

Share your view of the world,
Not just your fear, doubt,
programming, and the news.
Watch less TV.
Be a little less self absorbed.
Stop telling me how bad you had it
and how good I have it.
Learn about the world outside our world.
Let me know how to live in it.

Embrace me, Cherish Me,
Treasure Me, Celebrate Me.
Be responsible for the environment
that you bring me into.
Make my world as soft and safe
as possible as you prepare
me to face whatever is real in the world.
Be more grateful for me
than you think I should be for you.
Say you love me.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lost Causes

by @SophiaFine from

 ... And songbirds came
in all shapes, sizes, and colors;
perfection comes
in the expression
of their unique song.

Julian sang ex-votos
from his perch a-top
New York City.
He told subatomic stories
of lost causes
with great needs.

You could feel
them with
at least 
thirteen senses,
as his melodies
carried you along
the paths of
faceless nobodies,
drops in oceans,
who didn't know
they were the whole.

Through Julian's song
You faded into We,
they faded into Me.

Things only
got better slowly,
and only for those
who had no choice
but to sing.

Perfect Blue

Love Always Theory

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'll Be Waiting

I hear even what you don't say. I know what "I have things on my mind" means. I feel what you feel; when you say "I'll be waiting."

What would we have been if you could have stayed? Maybe, we already would have lived dreams. While I heal and you deal, I'll be waiting.

I notice the difference in you when we're alone. Who you are when it's just us. I'm sorry; I didn't love your mother enough.

I wish we were together right now face to face; everyday living this life together. I wish I was better.

I hope somewhere in your mind and heart you know me; that you can feel my love; that it holds you while you're waiting.

I hope you grow up to understand me and love the man I'm becoming. When you're your own man making your own choices.

I'll be waiting.