Monday, March 21, 2011

The Song Of Us

When I'm with you
sometimes it seems
people can only see
these vehicles
we ride in.

I notice the stares,
the facial expressions,
I notice the love
that we have
that they don't recognize.

Last night
we waited for the moon
we never saw it because
it was hidden
behind the clouds.

As we walked
I felt Happy and Free
like a child.

I felt truly blessed
even though
we don't have a lot

It feels like
we have access to
all the most wonderful
things in life
right now.

As we build together
I just wanted you to know
that these don't feel
like tough times to me.

I feel excited
about our future
because I know you
and I know me.

Peacefully I enjoy
our Journey
I truly Love You
and feel that You
Truly Love Me.

Airplanes [Feat. Hayley Williams Of Paramore] (Explicit Album Version)

Love Always Theory