Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eye 40


My thoughts are like cars
on freeways into metroplexes
My pen is the exit
traffic depends on their complexities
If I listen to the drum of my heart
I can become a mixmaster
Move the crowd when the music starts
let the traffic become two turntables
Then God is Kool Herc
and he put Hotel California
on the right
and We're All In The Same Gang
on the left
and made me
The Crossfade Between Cultural Realities.
and just when the heat, stress
and tension becomes as hot as
Dallas in summer he fades into
It's a Family Affair by
Sly and The Family Stone
then I see him cruising Twilight
in a convertible.
Words appear before your eyes
and invite dances of minds
then I hear Flashlight by Parliament
and wish for a moment I was Third Eye Blind
A Poem arrives at its destination
once again everything in the world is fine.

Love Always Theory