Friday, January 7, 2011

This Lifetime

They said maybe
it will be better
next lifetime.

Sometimes we find
life has turned
and we don't know
how to correct.

Eye reflect.
Never meant to
be a problem child.
Closest friends?
my Rum and Black and Milds.

Then there was you.
who read every word.
understood the between,
never found me absurd.

Now admittedly,
I'm filled with
Love's chemicals.
Lot's of cliched.
ways to say,

I love you.

I knew very soon
after I saw how you
saw me, I
would make you love me.

Or at least
ask that you would.
If you could.

So I showed you
my worst, my last,
how it hurts.
The things I love.
Time was never enough.

It doesn't matter
at all if
they don't understand
or agree with my plan.

You make me feel.
Now I feel alive.
Not ready to die.

in free verse
and in rhyme.
be mine.
for at least
This lifetime.