Monday, January 24, 2011


We sat together.
her legs across me.
on a couch
in a shop
full of people
a guitar player
quiet acoustic thoughts
low rumbles
of conversation
we were consumed
with each other
everything else faded
into the background
of our moment

she makes my heart
beat faster
just breathing
her soft natural smile
the way her touch
reveals everything

we laugh
lost in us
no longer conscious
of anything
other than the universe
we have become

She leans in
connects me
flows through me
a soft quiet kiss
extremely intense
slow concentrated passion

she takes my hand
the drive passes quickly
in slow motion
i feel a peace
a oneness
our hands are touching
we are one
with everything

she parks
walks to the door
unlocks it
goes inside
im close behind

she turns
reaches up
with a kiss
her hands
on the back of my neck
her lips laced with
magic potions

i can feel her
inside my head
drawing me into her
she walks backwards to the bed

I asked
before I started
unbuttoning her shirt
her jeans

we moved slowly

she conducted me

her reactions



I said "Whatever You Like"
she put her fingertips
to my lips.
I kissed them
she pushed my head
i kissed my way down

my hands on her hips

un rapping

lights on

I kissed slowly.
from her ankle
to her knee
to her hip
teasing her impatience
there were so many more
than five senses

big bangs
in new universes
as she breathed
held my head
led me
into her sacrifice
her gift

like a prayer
in silence
we spoke words
all the gods understand

it was a slow dance
of souls with bodies

I could feel
her life
on my tongue