Sunday, January 23, 2011

Abbyville Part Two (Finding MY Way)

Come as You Are

In my mind
this experience is
somewhere between
Escape from Alcatraz,
Jailbreaking me version, and,
3 stages of a pregnancy
as the baby.
As in somewhere between
Untying myself
from one post at a time
that something or someone,
more often than not,
someone other than myself,
or something, had tied me to,
and a rebirth.

A physical entry into
the origins,
a process of regeneration,
and born again into
a new life,
or at least
a new chance.

I leave the plane in Bangkok
wide eyed like a new born,
and it doesn't take long
for the effects of a whole
new world to feel exhausting.

Everything that I'm taking in,
Everyone that I'm seeing,
Every sound that I'm hearing,
completely unfamiliar.

I start forming
my first thoughts.
I find a line
I think I should be in.
I begin filling out a form.
I realize that I was thinking
instead of observing
and have wasted this time.

I find the area where
I should be and there
are 6 lines to choose from.
I don't know which one
is for me.
I look around.
I see another table with forms.
I go to it
to see if there is one
that I should have
filled out
when I arrive
at the yellow line.

I decide there isn't.

I pick a line.
I wait my turn.
There are basic
Take off your hat
and glasses.
place passport here.
when passport is returned
take passport and
move to customs area.

In the customs area
I grabbed a cart
for my luggage
and to lean on.

I found someone
and asked
where I would
find my luggage.

She told me 16.
16 was empty.
all the lights
around it were out.
absolutely nothing.
no one there
but me.

I went to a station
with about 8 people.
They pointed me to
a guy who pointed me
back to the other side
to a woman
who pointed me back
to the 8 people.

I wandered around till
I found a board and
my number was 19.

I found 19
on the other side
of a wall.

The wall hid
the activity
the sounds
the people completely.
I didn't know it was there
so it felt like it wasn't
till I found the information
I needed.

I breathed a sigh of relief
found my luggage.
put them on the cart
under my 2 carry ons
wandered on to whatever
was to come next.

Smiles, Scanned luggage,
and an unfamiliar pace,
I began realizing how
little I knew of what to expect
How little I understood
of the language
of the culture.

I had no idea what
awaited me in Abbyville.