Thursday, January 27, 2011

Poetry Is


Poetry is

Pianos on sandbars.
Love and all its scars.
Stars just beyond your fingertips.
Moments your heart skips.

Silence inside.
Learning how to fly.
tears your readers buy.
Tell the truth even when you lie.

Beer with Bukowski.
Writing even when its lousy.
Drowsy feathers awakened in ink.
The softer the heart the harder the drink.

Emerson when your new drug is love.
Thoreau when you've been governed enough.
Our phoenix, Our Butterfly, how poets get high.
Never die only Versify.

Love Always Theory

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

U N Eye Verse

Love Always Theory

Truth is
somedays I just
can't be satisfied.

I always seek
the truth
and about that
Eye never lied.

There are moments
when I have no
sense of self.

I'm an asshole
so even my
networking requires
a sense of stealth.

Right now is
a Hallett 54
and I'm still
In A Canoe.

It's Eyeronik
that 30 years later
I still can't
Survive without U.

Although U and Eye
were never quite

My desire 4 U
2 Love ME
can't seem to
be satiated.

The Bliss Album...? (Vibrations of Love and Anger and the Ponderance of Life and Existence)

Monday, January 24, 2011


We sat together.
her legs across me.
on a couch
in a shop
full of people
a guitar player
quiet acoustic thoughts
low rumbles
of conversation
we were consumed
with each other
everything else faded
into the background
of our moment

she makes my heart
beat faster
just breathing
her soft natural smile
the way her touch
reveals everything

we laugh
lost in us
no longer conscious
of anything
other than the universe
we have become

She leans in
connects me
flows through me
a soft quiet kiss
extremely intense
slow concentrated passion

she takes my hand
the drive passes quickly
in slow motion
i feel a peace
a oneness
our hands are touching
we are one
with everything

she parks
walks to the door
unlocks it
goes inside
im close behind

she turns
reaches up
with a kiss
her hands
on the back of my neck
her lips laced with
magic potions

i can feel her
inside my head
drawing me into her
she walks backwards to the bed

I asked
before I started
unbuttoning her shirt
her jeans

we moved slowly

she conducted me

her reactions



I said "Whatever You Like"
she put her fingertips
to my lips.
I kissed them
she pushed my head
i kissed my way down

my hands on her hips

un rapping

lights on

I kissed slowly.
from her ankle
to her knee
to her hip
teasing her impatience
there were so many more
than five senses

big bangs
in new universes
as she breathed
held my head
led me
into her sacrifice
her gift

like a prayer
in silence
we spoke words
all the gods understand

it was a slow dance
of souls with bodies

I could feel
her life
on my tongue


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Abbyville Part Two (Finding MY Way)

Come as You Are

In my mind
this experience is
somewhere between
Escape from Alcatraz,
Jailbreaking me version, and,
3 stages of a pregnancy
as the baby.
As in somewhere between
Untying myself
from one post at a time
that something or someone,
more often than not,
someone other than myself,
or something, had tied me to,
and a rebirth.

A physical entry into
the origins,
a process of regeneration,
and born again into
a new life,
or at least
a new chance.

I leave the plane in Bangkok
wide eyed like a new born,
and it doesn't take long
for the effects of a whole
new world to feel exhausting.

Everything that I'm taking in,
Everyone that I'm seeing,
Every sound that I'm hearing,
completely unfamiliar.

I start forming
my first thoughts.
I find a line
I think I should be in.
I begin filling out a form.
I realize that I was thinking
instead of observing
and have wasted this time.

I find the area where
I should be and there
are 6 lines to choose from.
I don't know which one
is for me.
I look around.
I see another table with forms.
I go to it
to see if there is one
that I should have
filled out
when I arrive
at the yellow line.

I decide there isn't.

I pick a line.
I wait my turn.
There are basic
Take off your hat
and glasses.
place passport here.
when passport is returned
take passport and
move to customs area.

In the customs area
I grabbed a cart
for my luggage
and to lean on.

I found someone
and asked
where I would
find my luggage.

She told me 16.
16 was empty.
all the lights
around it were out.
absolutely nothing.
no one there
but me.

I went to a station
with about 8 people.
They pointed me to
a guy who pointed me
back to the other side
to a woman
who pointed me back
to the 8 people.

I wandered around till
I found a board and
my number was 19.

I found 19
on the other side
of a wall.

The wall hid
the activity
the sounds
the people completely.
I didn't know it was there
so it felt like it wasn't
till I found the information
I needed.

I breathed a sigh of relief
found my luggage.
put them on the cart
under my 2 carry ons
wandered on to whatever
was to come next.

Smiles, Scanned luggage,
and an unfamiliar pace,
I began realizing how
little I knew of what to expect
How little I understood
of the language
of the culture.

I had no idea what
awaited me in Abbyville.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Abbyville Part ONE (Finding MY Way)

I boarded the plane
to Abbyville at the Airport in Nashville.
I saw me in my early 20s.
I was headed out to Oakland.
I looked up from ONE
and my eyes met.
Eye knew
and in that moment
it felt like
all my possible Universes

In Minnesota I met a man
who told me stories of Burma.
Of politics and house arrest
and friends.
He was in his early 60s,
had plans to spend some time
in China after that teaching.

My flight was delayed
about 2 hours on the runway
gave me time to think
I thought of everything from
Brett Favre to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
I grew impatient and worried a bit
about missing my connecting flight
in Tokyo.

The flight felt like
it was from Eternity to Infinity.
I arrived in Japan
the next flight was already boarding.
I saw the line and stepped into a store
to find some Royce Chocolates
and Venezuelan bitters.

I left the store and found my line
I was never thoroughly searched
at any of the airports
never asked for my bag of liquids.

I was basically sleepwalking
by this time
but I was observing
and absorbing all I could.

The flight from Tokyo
to Bangkok spanned several
Lifetimes of fulfilled dreams.
Some of emptiness and loneliness.
Each seat on the plane
held one degree of revolution
around The Is.

I arrived in Bangkok
at something close to 3AM
Bacardi still in my blood
and Rob Thomas in my mind.

Writer Ferrets Chasing the Muse (Ferret Chronicles #3)

Friday, January 7, 2011

This Lifetime

They said maybe
it will be better
next lifetime.

Sometimes we find
life has turned
and we don't know
how to correct.

Eye reflect.
Never meant to
be a problem child.
Closest friends?
my Rum and Black and Milds.

Then there was you.
who read every word.
understood the between,
never found me absurd.

Now admittedly,
I'm filled with
Love's chemicals.
Lot's of cliched.
ways to say,

I love you.

I knew very soon
after I saw how you
saw me, I
would make you love me.

Or at least
ask that you would.
If you could.

So I showed you
my worst, my last,
how it hurts.
The things I love.
Time was never enough.

It doesn't matter
at all if
they don't understand
or agree with my plan.

You make me feel.
Now I feel alive.
Not ready to die.

in free verse
and in rhyme.
be mine.
for at least
This lifetime.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

This I Vow


"The current of life
is swift, bumpy,
and sometimes crashes
us into jagged rocks.
I will hold on to you
if you will hold on to me."

She said "I will
make myself stronger
to keep my grip"

"I want to share
the beauty of that ride
with you and be there
to take the impact
when possible,
or at least
to help you heal
and take care
of your wounds.
Share all the new things we find.
The new things we learn.
The new things we evolve into."

She said "Baby, you're writing a poem."

"These are my vows"

Love Always Theory