Monday, November 22, 2010

Wrongs About Jane

my life seems like
more goodbyes
than hellos
more times than
ive seen them come
ive had to watch them go
Im great with the chemicals
Im that one
with the romance
make you lose
your mind
for a moment
in a slow dance
but i walk
through life alone
unmailed letters
unanswered words
promises broken
unmet expectations
and disappointment
I never meant to
I only want to
I dream about
bridges across forever
and happily ever
but i never
seem to get
that part right
I can't remember
all the faces
and ive forgotten
some of the names
because I can't
trust them
and i can't
heal my pain
what used to be enough
now can't even begin
to even travel through
the state im in
I didn't care
whos girl
or from what world
I was willing
to be
the designated hitter
the 6th man
now i just don't
think i can
its been
at least a year now
since i let
someone elses
sleep at my house
I'm no casanova
never been a mack
or a playa
I did watch and learn
I could almost always earn
trust faith and love
and they would
cry in my arms
yield to my charm
I figured if
they came to me
then i did no harm
but then i loved
with all that i knew
heart, mind, soul,
and body too.
I thought we
were about to be
a family
but she had
5 other guys
I never let her
see tears
in my eyes
no way i would ever
let her see me cry
I just said goodbye

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