Sunday, November 14, 2010


when i woke up
you were still
inside me
beside me
now youre back with him
and i dont know
which is more unforgettable
the way i said too much
or the way your nipples taste
it really caught me by surprise
the impatience in your eyes
you needed it
now you have conflicts
and you dont want
your religious boyfriend to know
thats whats up when i go down
i never meant to lose you
but as you opened up
i could feel us growing apart
but i didn't hesitate
even when i made you wait
our souls merged for a moment
skin on skin
i cant get your nipples
out of my mind
a moment in time
then you left with
a weak lie
to spend time
with your guy
it was beautiful
but i feel empty too
tabitha what will i do
when i cant fall asleep
between Ron and you

Intricate Web of Distraction by Whit Hadyn