Monday, November 22, 2010

Starbucks At 3

How about I don't chase you
and you don't chase me
and we just dream over
coffee at starbucks at 3

we can talk about how
the world is so small but
everyone is still so far apart
romanticize moments like priceless art

you can tell me all the things
that ever made you smile
lets create a new moment
and just laugh for a while

when i look in your eyes
i see a lover looking back
someone who makes me feel
like who i think i am

I want to soak this all in
scent sound sight taste and touch
but don't drift away
i would miss you so much

tell me all about
the things that you feel
from the big to the small
i want to know you be real

just relax all the things
that keep you locked inside
its safe here baby
you don't have to hide

show me your weakness
and ill show you youre strong
do you ever feel boxed in?
ever notice your warden disguised as a friend?

i don't have all the answers
just most of the questions
can we just feel for the moment
and not sift through life lessons

can i taste your coffee
straight from you lips
we can talk about showers
honest hips and cruise ships

ill tell you about my impossible fantasies
and how hard i fought to find the man in me
i listen as your words bring to mind
a lifetime of moments with all 6 senses
undefined unlabeled no need for pretenses

stay a while and factor me like picasso
if our souls hold each other
i promise i won't let go
til you sigh and say so

Coffee & Conversation