Thursday, November 18, 2010


You have been my Marquis De Sade
and the way you punish me feels like a god
I don't know how we ended up naked
and it felt so bad I just couldn't take it

and it felt so good
like the backseat of a rolls royce
surrounded by woodgrain
you are who I thank
for this pain in my brain
and it felt so good

love me leave me be true and deceive me
your my addiction my obsession
my answerless question
my queen my warden my lizzie borden
love me leave be true and deceive me

hit me up in the back of my head
make me feel weak
tell me Im nothing
til I fall fast asleep

tell me I aint shit
tell me you know Ill quit
tell me that love is hate
and that I need to push some weight
tell me I aint shit

call me with all your complaints
tell me men are dogs and women are saints
lie to me cry to me die to me
use me then say you hate
what are you doing saturday
can we have another date?