Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dance With Me

its nice to soak up some sunshine
intoxicating like some red wine
chemical romance in my mind
rapid the beat of my heart
dance with me under the stars
near to you i can go far
when it rains when it pours
when we watch the birds soar
fresh like never before
come by here and walk with me
stay round here and talk with me
book some tickets
and fly off with me
where you want to go
i just want to be beside you
and get to know
if you like how i tell it
then watch how i show
lets dance to your drum
tell me all about where you come from
dance til we both get numb
lets laugh together
change the weather
talk about birds of a feather
where space and time stops
just let the beat drop
and fly with me over tree tops
and lets never come down
merge together in sound
and this new thing we have found
or ill just watch you dance
ask you for one chance
i know you like this romance
im glad you saw me
you know where ill be
just dont forget to call me

One of the Boys