Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Watching Her Sleep


She clutches her bear
when lonely
smokes sometimes
when she feels

I am patient with her
like she is my therapist
she said I redefine love
and its culture
but she is all
I know of love

She is every good thing
only human still

We revolve around "reality"
study cultures
till we find our own
She feels like my home

We stack dreams
on top of oxytocin
because its the only thing
that will hold the weight

I can feel her arms
around my neck
her body against mine
even when she isn't there

When i met her
I dreamed
in some lifetime
she would love me

Until now
I wondered
if my Karma
was bad

Alice in Wonderland

Monday, November 22, 2010

Starbucks At 3

How about I don't chase you
and you don't chase me
and we just dream over
coffee at starbucks at 3

we can talk about how
the world is so small but
everyone is still so far apart
romanticize moments like priceless art

you can tell me all the things
that ever made you smile
lets create a new moment
and just laugh for a while

when i look in your eyes
i see a lover looking back
someone who makes me feel
like who i think i am

I want to soak this all in
scent sound sight taste and touch
but don't drift away
i would miss you so much

tell me all about
the things that you feel
from the big to the small
i want to know you be real

just relax all the things
that keep you locked inside
its safe here baby
you don't have to hide

show me your weakness
and ill show you youre strong
do you ever feel boxed in?
ever notice your warden disguised as a friend?

i don't have all the answers
just most of the questions
can we just feel for the moment
and not sift through life lessons

can i taste your coffee
straight from you lips
we can talk about showers
honest hips and cruise ships

ill tell you about my impossible fantasies
and how hard i fought to find the man in me
i listen as your words bring to mind
a lifetime of moments with all 6 senses
undefined unlabeled no need for pretenses

stay a while and factor me like picasso
if our souls hold each other
i promise i won't let go
til you sigh and say so

Coffee & Conversation

She Said

She said
"This isn't goodbye but we may lose touch.
You know if the current of our choices pull
us in opposite directions or the winds of our
lives blow so hard we can't make the corrections.
If you chase your dreams and i chase mine and we
find that its been a long time. When you think back
on the time that we had. The dreams we shared.
The love and devotion we declared. Don't regret
anything. Don't resent me for the choices i made.
I won't resent you for yours. When i think of you i
want to remember your smile. I want to remember
how your lips and eyes look when you were
happy with me. I want to remember us when it
was how love was supposed to be. If we lose touch,
Don't think this never meant that much.
Because for a moment in time you were my everything."

He Said Beer, She Said Wine: Impassioned Food Pairings to Debate and Enjoy: from Burgers to Brie and Beyond


your words are like showers

to my dying violet lotus flower.

something like the sun that

draws it to the surface

realizing that even its death

had not been worthless.

an acceptance of its purpose

the seconds in its hour

the scars on its skin

of previous lives

yet the lungs

that make it strain

to breathe again.


Wrongs About Jane

my life seems like
more goodbyes
than hellos
more times than
ive seen them come
ive had to watch them go
Im great with the chemicals
Im that one
with the romance
make you lose
your mind
for a moment
in a slow dance
but i walk
through life alone
unmailed letters
unanswered words
promises broken
unmet expectations
and disappointment
I never meant to
I only want to
I dream about
bridges across forever
and happily ever
but i never
seem to get
that part right
I can't remember
all the faces
and ive forgotten
some of the names
because I can't
trust them
and i can't
heal my pain
what used to be enough
now can't even begin
to even travel through
the state im in
I didn't care
whos girl
or from what world
I was willing
to be
the designated hitter
the 6th man
now i just don't
think i can
its been
at least a year now
since i let
someone elses
sleep at my house
I'm no casanova
never been a mack
or a playa
I did watch and learn
I could almost always earn
trust faith and love
and they would
cry in my arms
yield to my charm
I figured if
they came to me
then i did no harm
but then i loved
with all that i knew
heart, mind, soul,
and body too.
I thought we
were about to be
a family
but she had
5 other guys
I never let her
see tears
in my eyes
no way i would ever
let her see me cry
I just said goodbye

Songs About Jane

Thursday, November 18, 2010


You have been my Marquis De Sade
and the way you punish me feels like a god
I don't know how we ended up naked
and it felt so bad I just couldn't take it

and it felt so good
like the backseat of a rolls royce
surrounded by woodgrain
you are who I thank
for this pain in my brain
and it felt so good

love me leave me be true and deceive me
your my addiction my obsession
my answerless question
my queen my warden my lizzie borden
love me leave be true and deceive me

hit me up in the back of my head
make me feel weak
tell me Im nothing
til I fall fast asleep

tell me I aint shit
tell me you know Ill quit
tell me that love is hate
and that I need to push some weight
tell me I aint shit

call me with all your complaints
tell me men are dogs and women are saints
lie to me cry to me die to me
use me then say you hate
what are you doing saturday
can we have another date?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dance With Me

its nice to soak up some sunshine
intoxicating like some red wine
chemical romance in my mind
rapid the beat of my heart
dance with me under the stars
near to you i can go far
when it rains when it pours
when we watch the birds soar
fresh like never before
come by here and walk with me
stay round here and talk with me
book some tickets
and fly off with me
where you want to go
i just want to be beside you
and get to know
if you like how i tell it
then watch how i show
lets dance to your drum
tell me all about where you come from
dance til we both get numb
lets laugh together
change the weather
talk about birds of a feather
where space and time stops
just let the beat drop
and fly with me over tree tops
and lets never come down
merge together in sound
and this new thing we have found
or ill just watch you dance
ask you for one chance
i know you like this romance
im glad you saw me
you know where ill be
just dont forget to call me

One of the Boys

Sunday, November 14, 2010


when i woke up
you were still
inside me
beside me
now youre back with him
and i dont know
which is more unforgettable
the way i said too much
or the way your nipples taste
it really caught me by surprise
the impatience in your eyes
you needed it
now you have conflicts
and you dont want
your religious boyfriend to know
thats whats up when i go down
i never meant to lose you
but as you opened up
i could feel us growing apart
but i didn't hesitate
even when i made you wait
our souls merged for a moment
skin on skin
i cant get your nipples
out of my mind
a moment in time
then you left with
a weak lie
to spend time
with your guy
it was beautiful
but i feel empty too
tabitha what will i do
when i cant fall asleep
between Ron and you

Intricate Web of Distraction by Whit Hadyn

My Love Is Not

My love is not...

My love is not for the skeptical
for the terminally unimpressible
My love is not for the jaded
for the ones who like the world segregated

my love is not for the lovers of money
for those who think my pain is funny
my love is not for those who don't
for those who can't or for those who won't

My love is not for gangsta bytches
that only love thugs with whips and switches
my love is not for the material girl
for those who choose their fathers world

My love is not for the weak
for those who act hard but are too soft to speak
my love is not for the imitator
for those who can't see the visibilificator

My love is not for the fake
for those who can't create
My love is not for anything untrue...
my love is for you...

Ruminations at Twilight: Poetry Exploring the Sacred

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lying In Wait

The Museum pays 10 Shillings
for 2 muses
So I built this trap,
filled it with muse food

I put in some friends of minimalists
one of picassos mistresses
bukowskis fiance
a book on psychological revolution
a compilation album
from the bad boy label
a collection of poetry
filled with ambiguity

I put it all under a large enough box
propped it up with ego on one side
and insecurity on the other

I sat under the closest tree
and waited and watched
till I saw this butterfly

I made silence in my mind
sat still breathed deeply
held out my hand
waited on the butterfly to land

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I love the curve
of your hip
the skin begs me
to feel it
with my lips
my tongue
my finger tips
taste your light
and darkness
when you breathe
I see an artist
lay on your back
let me finish
what I started
the sheet a canvas
the mood romantic
whispers from your lips
become wishes granted

Violet Lotus

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lies Sarah Told Me

The truth never
needs an alibi
and in between
her secrets
come the lies
pitch black
i realize
he is thoughtless
she is careless
im just less
nothing new
nothing to do
nothing to impress
she only likes wine
til the end of time?
or even a friend of mine?
she builds
she destroys
she heals
she toys
she wants a girl
and a boy
and to employ
she boosts my ego
and steals my joy
and to her surprise
when i look in her eyes
i see her secrets
and her lies
now im despised
and he is counsel
she never leaves
til she knows
where shes going

Loving Lies