Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Wizard of Odds

The String Quartet Tribute to The Who's "Tommy"

I'm crying out for you tonight
though I know you won't hear me
I am serving those who I know still don't feel me.
Those close to me offer direction and wise words
They trap me in their memories and lock me down with their fear

I looked at your pictures again tonight
Wondered if you think of Tennessee
I walk alone and how brutally true, Let it be
right up in their face and they can't see me
My dreams never let me sleep

saturated by the souls of angels and devils
like vultures they fly above me
never attempting to come to my level
I do feel fear but I get up anyway
I do feel pain but I laugh anyway

It feels like I walk the bridges wall
too bad to die young so I know I won't fall
sinking in challenges I don't know how to solve
they may surround me by 4x6 but still I evolve

would I strain without my emptiness
would I grind without my pain
would the satisfaction of things I long for
put me fast asleep

I'm not the peoples poet
only a hand full seem to feel
I question everything and everyone
I believe in a creator but I rarely kneel

my life feels fruitless at times
Makes me wonder why I survived death
I think mostly in rhymes
my inspiration takes my breath

I'm disconnected I don't feel attached
I look around but no one is found
who really has my back
I want nothing more than I want rebound

I want that feel back
I want to pop the crowd
I don't care about whips and stacks
I just want history to write my name down

Id rather be Jack Kerouac than Curtis Jackson
lost between perception and reality
subject to the laws of attraction
I am so far outside things
its like deprivation of all five senses
I can see my reality but we are separated by fences

These words will never be spoken
I feel like a punchline but I'm not joking
I don't know who I am so how can I tell you
selfishly I say I love you because I want you to love me too.