Saturday, October 30, 2010

To See For Oneself (An Obduction Of A Poet)

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Diagnoses from the Dead: The Book of Autopsy

The scientist was meticulous to avoid errors of Omission.

She searched with diligence for pulmonary emboli,

for any signs of chemical stimuli.

She inspected the internal organs for evidence of trauma,

The Hypothalamus and the Aorta for evidence of drama.

In a systematic fashion she observed areas of intelligence and compassion

The case in question gave her the impression,

That the poet himself may have been the work of art.

The pericardia sac is opened to view the heart.

A filter is found in the inferior vena cava

Her hypothesis is that love is what he was a slave of.

The pulmonary artery is opened.

She found no signs he was afraid or that he was hoping.

The aortic arch was left intact,

So the embalmer could keep the poets encore on track.

While viewing the vein at the hilum,

she prayed the poet had found asylum.

After the heart and its contents were examined and weighed,

the brain was brought from its formalin stay.

Prior to removing the brain a Stryker saw creates a cap.

She imagined neural pathways as a map,

to the journey of this creator.

His imagination like a theater

She found subthalmic infarctions.

She deduced the source as toxins in the womb.

The effects had stayed from then till tomb.

Studying the Cerebellum she found an imprecision.

Somehow trial and error had taught him indecision

she found a pronounced dopamine dysfunction,

from a programmed anticipation of judgment day injunctions.

She detected signs of pleasure addictions,

substantially lowered inhibitions.

As if he created to increase Dopamine production.

Hypothetically bliss could have led to his destruction

Dissecting pathways pathologically altered,

She knew him for a moment and her aloofness faltered.

He was addicted to freedom, ideologically tied to a post

He was a mannikin filled with lonely ghosts.

She kept her findings inside the lines,

but was forever changed by his heart and mind.

She said a prayer that angels heard,

and her conclusion contained these words.

Frontal lobe fried from a few too many "Whys?",

and the heart failed after one too many alibis.