Monday, October 25, 2010

Holding Hands In Hell

Its always a quarter til 4
since God told me go to hell and hold hands
She asked me to be an angel when i
never really knew how to be a man
lost in spacetime found in the divine
breathe contemplate continuate my mind
I didn't come to save but accept love forgive
those God gave me no matter how they live
I don't bring a rule book, Ill not follow or lead
ill not tell anyone God requires good deeds
ill only let my love do what it do soul shine through
i asked for nothing in return but God gave me you
to hold my hand to help me to see
freedom to survive in manufactured reality
touch me hold me give me your kiss
ill do my time here in hell stay high on this bliss

The Edgar Allan Poe Collection, Vol. 1: Annabel Lee and Other Tales of Mystery and Imagination