Friday, October 22, 2010


Fragile Art of Existence

Eye slept through the revolution
and the fall of rome
and woke up no place safe
and no place i could call my own
i memorized maps
only to find myself lost
been told i was among the richest
always finding myself unable to pay the cost
all i know all i see
all that ever directed me
were things that i lack
running with no wind at my back
trying to reach the stars
waking up in crashed cars
i write the songs
about things they long
with mistakes in grammar
sculpting without a hammer
holding only an ace
not even recognizing my own face
thinking myself false even to myself
caring less about wealth
brightly lit boxes without windows
water climbing mountains doesn't flow
exhaustion wraps me up
and rocks me like a baby
drinking too much duality from dirty cups
im kidding myself maybe
not drawn and searching
jerking and lurching
like forced rhymes
that can't keep time
and then the wind blows
and i let it all go
only to find
that i exist only in my mind