Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blue Flame

Once upon a time
in 1968
in Tennessee
A blue flame
kissed the sky
scuse me?
She loved him
and she would never
let it die
sparks flew
as there lips touched
and offended
the sensibilities
know your place
love someone
of your own race
this isn't the crisp linens
of Kasual Kings
on the chitlin circuit
She loved this man
stolen hidden moments
high on this
chemical romance
if loving you is right
why would i ever
sleep without you
how oppressive
the ignorance of a day
the complexities
of waking up from history
what if Janis really did love Jimi
what if they had Stereophonic babies
just maybe, maybe those babies
nurtured by motown
find freedom in Curtis Loew
and grow up to exalt Kurtis Blow
and maybe Jimi and Janis live on
excuse me while i sing this song