Friday, October 22, 2010

Being Bukowski

Bukowski: Born Into This Poster Movie 11x17

Being John Malkovich

"I envy your opportunity to be a mother.
You get to experience something with that child
that no one else in the world will ever experience.
Then after he or she is born you never have to worry
about anyone taking them from you or interfering
in that relationship."

Abby said "You are the only man I've ever heard say something like that".

She sips her Caramel Macchiato, reads "Women" by Charles Bukowski.

She is so Beautiful.

Eye aM Bukowski.

Shes a Cancer.

My sign is "Readers wanted" or flashes "Ghostbusting"
When its time to deliver some lines.

When you're Bukowski the world is the space between
pen and page. Where the story lies.

Waiting for you to say "let there be Write".

Cassidy and Jay Z whisper in either ear
"She's a hustla homie"

I said "but she hustles with me".

Abby said "What"?

I smiled and said "Ah, Just thinking out loud".

Thought bubble.

The things I see and the things I've seen
wrestle inside me in a fight to the death
for my sanity it seems.

It gets bloody at times.
The blood spills from my lips.
Or my finger tips.

Eye aM Yin and Yang.

Puppet Master Boxset

Strings Attached