Saturday, October 30, 2010

To See For Oneself (An Obduction Of A Poet)

Press Play before You Read

Diagnoses from the Dead: The Book of Autopsy

The scientist was meticulous to avoid errors of Omission.

She searched with diligence for pulmonary emboli,

for any signs of chemical stimuli.

She inspected the internal organs for evidence of trauma,

The Hypothalamus and the Aorta for evidence of drama.

In a systematic fashion she observed areas of intelligence and compassion

The case in question gave her the impression,

That the poet himself may have been the work of art.

The pericardia sac is opened to view the heart.

A filter is found in the inferior vena cava

Her hypothesis is that love is what he was a slave of.

The pulmonary artery is opened.

She found no signs he was afraid or that he was hoping.

The aortic arch was left intact,

So the embalmer could keep the poets encore on track.

While viewing the vein at the hilum,

she prayed the poet had found asylum.

After the heart and its contents were examined and weighed,

the brain was brought from its formalin stay.

Prior to removing the brain a Stryker saw creates a cap.

She imagined neural pathways as a map,

to the journey of this creator.

His imagination like a theater

She found subthalmic infarctions.

She deduced the source as toxins in the womb.

The effects had stayed from then till tomb.

Studying the Cerebellum she found an imprecision.

Somehow trial and error had taught him indecision

she found a pronounced dopamine dysfunction,

from a programmed anticipation of judgment day injunctions.

She detected signs of pleasure addictions,

substantially lowered inhibitions.

As if he created to increase Dopamine production.

Hypothetically bliss could have led to his destruction

Dissecting pathways pathologically altered,

She knew him for a moment and her aloofness faltered.

He was addicted to freedom, ideologically tied to a post

He was a mannikin filled with lonely ghosts.

She kept her findings inside the lines,

but was forever changed by his heart and mind.

She said a prayer that angels heard,

and her conclusion contained these words.

Frontal lobe fried from a few too many "Whys?",

and the heart failed after one too many alibis.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Wizard of Odds

The String Quartet Tribute to The Who's "Tommy"

I'm crying out for you tonight
though I know you won't hear me
I am serving those who I know still don't feel me.
Those close to me offer direction and wise words
They trap me in their memories and lock me down with their fear

I looked at your pictures again tonight
Wondered if you think of Tennessee
I walk alone and how brutally true, Let it be
right up in their face and they can't see me
My dreams never let me sleep

saturated by the souls of angels and devils
like vultures they fly above me
never attempting to come to my level
I do feel fear but I get up anyway
I do feel pain but I laugh anyway

It feels like I walk the bridges wall
too bad to die young so I know I won't fall
sinking in challenges I don't know how to solve
they may surround me by 4x6 but still I evolve

would I strain without my emptiness
would I grind without my pain
would the satisfaction of things I long for
put me fast asleep

I'm not the peoples poet
only a hand full seem to feel
I question everything and everyone
I believe in a creator but I rarely kneel

my life feels fruitless at times
Makes me wonder why I survived death
I think mostly in rhymes
my inspiration takes my breath

I'm disconnected I don't feel attached
I look around but no one is found
who really has my back
I want nothing more than I want rebound

I want that feel back
I want to pop the crowd
I don't care about whips and stacks
I just want history to write my name down

Id rather be Jack Kerouac than Curtis Jackson
lost between perception and reality
subject to the laws of attraction
I am so far outside things
its like deprivation of all five senses
I can see my reality but we are separated by fences

These words will never be spoken
I feel like a punchline but I'm not joking
I don't know who I am so how can I tell you
selfishly I say I love you because I want you to love me too.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Holding Hands In Hell

Its always a quarter til 4
since God told me go to hell and hold hands
She asked me to be an angel when i
never really knew how to be a man
lost in spacetime found in the divine
breathe contemplate continuate my mind
I didn't come to save but accept love forgive
those God gave me no matter how they live
I don't bring a rule book, Ill not follow or lead
ill not tell anyone God requires good deeds
ill only let my love do what it do soul shine through
i asked for nothing in return but God gave me you
to hold my hand to help me to see
freedom to survive in manufactured reality
touch me hold me give me your kiss
ill do my time here in hell stay high on this bliss

The Edgar Allan Poe Collection, Vol. 1: Annabel Lee and Other Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Love U2

Boy [Vinyl]

Tonight i payed U2 back
for using their name in vain.
I was expecting something colorful
but this man was kind of plain.
Something like a white christian kerouac
whose wife was black
with concerns about his brain.
I said the world has vertigo and its dizzy.
I listened to what he had to say
encouraged him to get busy.
When the world has equillibrium
the body will stand up and walk.
He told me tales of motorcycles.
Southern belles and coffee talk.
Thanked me for my prophecy and
gave me his 30 dollar poem for free.
I told him about twilight and rainbows
how crack heads work for God.
He wont remember my name
but Eye aM the wizard of odds.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Love Always Theory

She plays the scars on my heart
like a minimalist.
she makes words come
like a ventriloquist.
she raises whats dead in me
like an anointed one.
then invokes fear and reality
like a pointed gun.
as I see the impressions
ghosts have left.
love increases
and becomes more complex.
She is the wholeness
of my true existence.
I can physically feel
any spiritual distance.
and infinitely the odds
When she seeks counsel
from things I can’t see.
but everytime we
singers in our new universe
gain control and inflect
Yesterdays fears
sometimes silence the moment
Tomorrows dreams
once lied dormant
Awaken in rainbows
and in the space between
dark and light
I want to fall asleep with her
on my last night
and live to see
a million mornings

Gossip Girl: I Will Always Love You: A Gossip Girl novel

Being Bukowski

Bukowski: Born Into This Poster Movie 11x17

Being John Malkovich

"I envy your opportunity to be a mother.
You get to experience something with that child
that no one else in the world will ever experience.
Then after he or she is born you never have to worry
about anyone taking them from you or interfering
in that relationship."

Abby said "You are the only man I've ever heard say something like that".

She sips her Caramel Macchiato, reads "Women" by Charles Bukowski.

She is so Beautiful.

Eye aM Bukowski.

Shes a Cancer.

My sign is "Readers wanted" or flashes "Ghostbusting"
When its time to deliver some lines.

When you're Bukowski the world is the space between
pen and page. Where the story lies.

Waiting for you to say "let there be Write".

Cassidy and Jay Z whisper in either ear
"She's a hustla homie"

I said "but she hustles with me".

Abby said "What"?

I smiled and said "Ah, Just thinking out loud".

Thought bubble.

The things I see and the things I've seen
wrestle inside me in a fight to the death
for my sanity it seems.

It gets bloody at times.
The blood spills from my lips.
Or my finger tips.

Eye aM Yin and Yang.

Puppet Master Boxset

Strings Attached


Eye Candy I by Liz Jardine 16"x16" Art Print Poster

There are moments in life
that fail to inspire
where you feel like youre lost
out on the ocean
without expectation of tomorrow
All you can see is yesterday
you feel yourself sink
beneath the waves
and get tossed around
like randomness
like so many broken dreams
tossed aside unrealized
reality checks in
fantasy checks out
for a moment I quit
for a moment I didn't swim
I wanted to be washed away
not see any tomorrow
not feel any loss
not dream of things
that might never come
I might've never moved
the waves could have carried me for miles
I felt my delusions atrophy
possibilities faded away
desire died
and I was fine with it
your face appeared in my mind
a smile that I wanted to be for me
nothing in me reacted or resisted
I just let every part of me
fade into you
I floated through eternity
through lifetimes with you
moments that remapped my dna
8 billion different realities
I could feel you touch me
I could feel your soul
and my soul
become one
the sand under my feet
brought me back
to right now
I stood
my head barely above the water
I walked up onto the beach
Your face burned in my mind
in my heart
your soul
is my soul
my soul
is your soul
I don't feel alone


Fragile Art of Existence

Eye slept through the revolution
and the fall of rome
and woke up no place safe
and no place i could call my own
i memorized maps
only to find myself lost
been told i was among the richest
always finding myself unable to pay the cost
all i know all i see
all that ever directed me
were things that i lack
running with no wind at my back
trying to reach the stars
waking up in crashed cars
i write the songs
about things they long
with mistakes in grammar
sculpting without a hammer
holding only an ace
not even recognizing my own face
thinking myself false even to myself
caring less about wealth
brightly lit boxes without windows
water climbing mountains doesn't flow
exhaustion wraps me up
and rocks me like a baby
drinking too much duality from dirty cups
im kidding myself maybe
not drawn and searching
jerking and lurching
like forced rhymes
that can't keep time
and then the wind blows
and i let it all go
only to find
that i exist only in my mind

Dancer Dancer

Private Dancer

dancer dancer

will you ride

with me


shakespeare and

shots ringing out

as hard

as i try to be good

they wont let me

sleep in the house

i know you feel me

i can see it

through the tears

in your eyes.

I love you

you don’t

have to love me back

but I’m right here

if life slides off track

I am inside you

I feel what you feel

your name

on my lips

every time I kneel

hoping theres a God

out there somewhere

dancer dancer

do you wanna ride


Color Changing Fiber Optic Butterfly Nightlight; Pink Glowing LED Butter Fly Night Light Makes A Great Gift Idea

I don’t know
if you are coming alive
in front of me
or I’m just getting
to know you better
you seemed so
sad and withdrawn
back then
and now you
seem alive
and you
smile more
and you
have this shine
about you.
you are a
new kind
of beautiful
I am happy
that I
have gotten
to see this
to get to know
to get to
see you
spread your wings
I can’t wait
to see you fly

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Good Life

Napoleon Dynamite, Wig and Glasses

Napoleon Bonaparte: The background, strategies, tactics and battlefield experiences of the greatest commanders of history

The smoothest road is the longest
staying alive doesn't mean you're the strongest
remain silent and smug to be thought wise
by who? those with superficial eyes?

this way is constant competition
they have no plans of reading my petition
machines built to serve feast on the served
bailouts and bankruptcies curbed

you find out who your friends are
when you take the doing me thing too far
if they pay close attention they will understand
there is no door for me and I'm not the man

the race and the prize to the swift
I'm fine with that I'll take my gifts
we evolve through pretty faces
face first toward a fall that disgraces

I have a napoleon complex
i feel like riding down to the village
to wreak havoc and destruction
rob and pillage
give it back to the families
of those that are dying too much
but i love peace and i hate to steal
just because you can't touch
doesn't mean you don't feel

Good Life

Kanye West Presents Thank You and You're Welcome

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Abby

Vista Point PARIS France

You look amazing
in that blue dress
looking in your eyes
is like star gazing

your hand is soft to touch
your scent is undeniable
your smile does so much
I'm nervous so I ramble

We kiss on a bridge in Paris
i recite french verses
talk about movies
with weddings in churches

I know we're from
two different worlds
but i can tell
that you're like me.

you aren't trapped
in any other mans reality
so lets not think about them
lets forget about yesterday

no more dreaming
about tomorrow
i just want to know right now
we can start with tonight
ill make breakfast
and we can make love again
then sleep til noon.
I don't have to be back
in Tennessee til sometime in June.

Love Always Theory

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The view from the bucket


Whats next when
you realize that
its those closest
to you that
break you down
that put fear
in your heart
and mind
tell you
how bad
the unknown
teach you to
prefer the devil
that you know
over the devil
that you dont
what do you do
when you realize
see the lies
in their eyes
hear the laughter
in their voice
see the stars
from the bucket
prey for me
pray on me
those you would
have find freedom
are the very ones
that pull you under
steal your thunder
smile in your face
and reality in time
reveals their distaste
they say misery
loves company
i wish something
would take this
from me
i try to fly
and rise above
my reality
embrace higher things
forward thinking
willing to stand
but honestly
that gets old
there is no
us and them
only a world
full of disconnected
some aware of
the disconnect
and some that are not
and those that are not
are the lucky ones.
somedays i dont
see one thing
to smile about
but i would
rather let you
kill me than
let you take
my life
rather die tonight
than give up
what i value
the dreams
i have
the love
or cry
will never
stay down
i will always
in time for
the next round
i will chase
specific dreams
and specific love
even if i die
broke and alone
because i
cant stop
and even if
i could
i wont stop
this is my drive
this is my purpose
and even on days
like today
when it feels
like its all
been worthless
i am strong
i will fly
i will learn
and test
and love
and one day
i will actualize
i will realize
that i
have created

She Forgets

She forgets
where Eye end
and she begins,
who spoke
or needs to
be heard.
If I'm a lover
or a friend
among men.
Who compliments,
who completes.
She forgets
what happened
and when.
To build.
Praise talent.
Block skill.
To be there
when Eye
wake up.
My narcissism.
To exist
to anyone but me.
She forgets
that shes
a sculptor,
drops the chisel.
To let
me be.
To be blessed
She forgets.

If Picasso

Pablo Picasso (Old Guitarist) Poster Art Full Size Print

If Picasso...
If Picasso wrote
romance novels
i think poets
would be soldiers
and gangstas
and the world
would know
That those who love
would kill or die
even if you make
their people cry
they say its the strong
maybe its the wrong
its the victor
that writes history
she said im weak
because i chase love
and im optimistic
but shes more a lady
than the gangsta
she flosses
with her exaggerated
swagg  and weed
If Picasso...
wrote flows
from his soul
i think poets
would be outlaws
and thieves

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blue Flame

Once upon a time
in 1968
in Tennessee
A blue flame
kissed the sky
scuse me?
She loved him
and she would never
let it die
sparks flew
as there lips touched
and offended
the sensibilities
know your place
love someone
of your own race
this isn't the crisp linens
of Kasual Kings
on the chitlin circuit
She loved this man
stolen hidden moments
high on this
chemical romance
if loving you is right
why would i ever
sleep without you
how oppressive
the ignorance of a day
the complexities
of waking up from history
what if Janis really did love Jimi
what if they had Stereophonic babies
just maybe, maybe those babies
nurtured by motown
find freedom in Curtis Loew
and grow up to exalt Kurtis Blow
and maybe Jimi and Janis live on
excuse me while i sing this song

Monday, October 4, 2010


The straps

slide down

your shoulders

the lace slips off

your cheeks

your hands

lightly caress

your caramel skin

The shades

and curves

like the landscape

of a sonnet

my eyes

my mind

soak you in

your perfections

write poems

about your flaws

your hair blows

with the slight breeze




your temple

rise and fall



to a darker brown






finger tips

This Ones For You

Skin: The Complete Guide to Digitally Lighting, Photographing, and Retouching Faces and Bodies

This is for the first time my finger tips touched your skin

This is for the next time we share friction again

for the way you make me shake a little

and the way it feels when you touch me

all those kisses

all those breaths

for making me feel strong again

for helping me believe in me again

this is for the passion

for the speechless attraction

because right now I can't stop thinking of you

this is for the way I feel when I look in your eyes

this is for the way it hurts when you leave

if we talk all night

or say nothing at all

if we lie in each others arms

this is for your patience

this is for your smile

this is for your eyes

this is for your softness

this is for your heart

this is for your lips

this is for your curves

this is for that last touch when you leave

this is for you

Sunday, October 3, 2010

All You Need


I can play your body like
the star spangled banner
and im Jimi Hendrix
light it up
show you colors so brilliant
like a holiday
we celebrate your independence
sparks fly at our touch
you like it hot
and thats not asking too much
come at me real aggressive
a little obsessive
a little bit sweet
even when youre mad
or you feel like being bad
cry tears like a prince song
when i love you long
you have no hang ups
you know what you want
you ask and you receive
tell me how it is
and i believe
your life is like death row
and i grant the reprieve
soundtrack to your sexuality
trust in me
and my touch
im that find a way guy
unbreak your heart
and make you feel high
and thats how i make you mine