Thursday, September 30, 2010


Heat, flashes of light made my face warm there were arms around my waist from behind they squeezed me tight like a hug huey lewis played lisa loeb stayed my life drifted up into the air small fires had no coals to support it never burned out in my mind we were tribal and ritualistic we danced around our own bon fires fed each others fears and desires she was vague he was lost they were never really known by me or me known by them still we danced like fine young canibals i could feel that we were primitive that we really had no idea about the world outside our world life is like a fire it burns down and it burns up we roll in vicious circles matching sets flocks of seagulls treasured pets you served me i served you my perception of your reality and yours of mine i remember the scent of the season falling into winter the scent of fire a fire that consumes exhumes robs the grave and buries again i didn't know it was the last time that i could feel you feel me