Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Touch Me

If i hold your door for you
will that change your world for you
if i sweep you off your feet
satisfy your every need
will i be the one you see
or will you be
like the ones that vacation here
share my smokes and my beer
satisfy their need for love
their need for touch
away from home for awhile
where they dont get much
i have your flowers
i have your poems
i have this white horse
that will ride us off
into the sunset
i have a lifetime
of things to say about
your beauty
but not just outside
because if all you
are is beautiful
on the outside
then ill trade
you in a minute
for someone i
can have a
conversation with
just like you
would trade me
after i satisfy
you sexually
for a man with abs
or more money
but im still your
i give you romance
in stereo
im that prince
that you seek
im whats missing
in your life
so for evolution
lets start a revolution
and break free
of these vicious circles
you be my Mariah
and ill be your Steve Irkel
and when you need a bad boy
i can play that role
ive seen it done
seen it told
and sold
i only want to see you
you dont even see
that everything you look
for is right here in me.
the only way youre
ever going to find
a man that has
everything you
want and need
is to create one.
beyond that its
like an electrical storm
or when its warm in december
im the man you want to remember
ill sing to you
and write you rhymes
the thing you have to see
is that i feel free to be me
and when you feel free to be you
you will understand what i do

Love Always Theory