Thursday, September 30, 2010


Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving

Your lips soft and full
made for mine
your neck and shoulders
call out to my lips
and my touch
i love your shade
i love the brown
of your eyes and hair
your body is the perfect way
to forget yesterday
the first time i touch you
feels like the first time
i want you like im 17
your shirt rises above your head
and off your arms and falls to the ground
you reach behind you
and your bra falls away
your body perfect
not like a painting
but like a body
the greatest paintings
were made from
i dont feel any rush
i just want to
soak you in
fill my mind
with proof of God
youre standing
and your skirt
falls to the floor
your panties
high on the sides
and so sexy
your legs
small but perfect
your whole body
like a body
should look
you lie back
on the bed
and expose
me to a new
where there
are different
laws and languages
and i speak to you
in tongues
and on my
knees i pray
at your temple