Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rise and Fall

I thought i could just erase you.
thought maybe i wouldn't try to embrace.
searching for eternal sunshine.
but i cant erase you
from my heart and my mind
i just wanted you
to be with me on my grind
a higher love
i thought
we would both find
now i dont know
what i did with my time
maybe all i gained
was a few lines
verses that plague
like curses
from a truth
so vague
i would beg
you to come back
but i cant
replace what i lack
ive tasted
impossible fantasies
with goddess monsters
romancing me
now i cant tell
where i fail
and i succeed
love is my only greed
24play is my only need
need a tourniquet
for the way i bleed
its like i
feel this death in me
i try to bury
i try to burn
but i never learn
when it comes to this
im retarded
busted heart
never knew how
to guard it
or even if i should
fill your places
with new faces
knowing i just
because i
can never
but nothing
seems to inebriate
i live and die
to create my fate
dont know how
to wait
but its too late
no more debate
no more pushing
you to pull
try to make you full
asking you to fill
up these pains
that kill
a little bit of me
each day
no way
brand new day
said that you
would always stay
im serious
i never play
when it comes to this
when it comes to bliss
loving you is wrong
i dont even
want to waste
a song
vicious circles
because im square
no entrance left
for me to fare
i cant find you
burning bridges
that take me
and now
i dont want to
go forward
you put this pain
in me
with the best
of intentions
headlines and inventions
somethings ill never mention
but i miss you like
i cant breathe
i want to chase you away
and beg you to come back to me
you were the rise
and the fall of me
now im less
than i was
and not enough
to rise above
these stars of mine
left you thinking
im unkind
i lost my mind
i lost my heart
i dont want to hide
what i feel inside
simplistic lines
cliched style of rhymes
too weak for these times
your voice isn't on my phone
now im back alone
without you